SunlessKhan Is Definitely Becoming A Rocket League Villain

You’ll likely know that SunlessKhan gave up Rocket League content creation a few weeks ago in a harrowing video that had him going through the stresses of his peculiar job. You’ll also probably notice that his videos since have been all over the place, not in terms of quality, but in terms of the style of content he’s producing.

However, you’ll also likely have noticed that he seems to be taking something of a turn into some kind of Rocket League content creator supervillain. He does a lot of pranks involving tricking people into playing the likes of Arsenal, which is both hilarious but very obviously evil, and he’s now topped it all by just creating a whole fake RLCS broadcast.

Finally, it’s time for RLBS

Thankfully for both ourselves and all of you reading this, we already know this is an absurd fake. However, the key thing is that Sunless made a video and then broadcast it all out as though it was live, which clearly faked a few people out. This included official item reveals where people had to type something to be entered in for drops, but also included some genuinely impressive choices.

The video kicks off with a match between Dignitas, one of the best Rocket League teams in existence, and Team of Bronzes, which is literally a team of Bronze level players. This one’s great because of a few turns during the commentary, but Bronze players are nearly as rare as pros anyway, so it’s an incredibly funny concept. That’s not all though.

“3v3 Ranked, when you play by yourself, it may as well become 1v5.” That’s how the commentators kickoff the part of the show where they literally just watch a Platinum player get stuck into a 3v3 Ranked match. There’s lots of other good stuff in the video, but this is our favourite bit. For one, the match itself is actually quite good, but mostly, can you imagine being NimbleSloth, the Platinum player who’s had one of their matches commented on by professional casters? We’re still pretty sure SunlessKhan is evil now, but this part of the video was somehow one of the most wholesome things we’ve seen in Rocket League in a long time, so that’s nice.

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