SunlessKhan Actually Played Rocket League With Seth Rogen

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If you’re a big fan of watching Rocket League content creators, then you’ll likely be aware of SunlessKhan. In the last year or so, SunlessKhan has massively grown his following, and having finally found his way to one million subscribers on YouTube a few months ago, is rapidly closing in on two million at this point.

If you watch him regularly, you’ll be aware that he sounds a fair bit like Seth Rogen. In fact, he comments on it regularly, and it’s a joke in a fair few videos where he makes an appearance. It’s actually fairly uncanny, and it makes a lot of the videos he does that little bit funnier. It’s only natural then, that SunlessKhan would eventually pull off the one true bit of content that only he can manage. That’s right; he finally played with Seth Rogen.


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Sunless Rogen or Seth Khan?

FaZe set the whole thing up, and the video is, unsurprisingly, very funny. The aim was to have two players who know Rocket League drag someone who doesn’t know the game as well. Because of that, the holy union of Seth Rogen and SunlessKhan has finally happened, and it goes over everything from Seth talking about figuring out his audio, but also has him picking his car and trying to figure out how to play good old “car soccer.”


It’s actually a fairly wholesome video starring Nate Hill and Virge too. Virge does a very good job of explaining the basics of Rocket League to the newbies and going over the dos and don’ts of the game. It’s also wholesome because it was all in aid of raising money for Hilarity for Charity, which is Seth Rogen’s charity designed to raise money for Alzheimer’s.

Watching the video is obviously well-worth your time, but we do recommend actually paying attention so you can tell whether or not Sunless or Rogen is talking at any given time, because they definitely sound like the same person at several points, which can be rather peculiar. It makes you wonder if there are any celebrities who are really good at Rocket League. We’d certainly love to find out.