SF_Esports Partners With Harry Maguire For Their Rocket League Team

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Initially, Harry Maguire was named an ambassador for Semper Fortis in May, following the Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin. As part of the original appointment, Harry's experience in traditional sports improved Esports as a brand. Harry appears to be concentrating more on SMPR_Esports, their Rocket League team.

Rocket League combines European football and cars. Thus, it makes sense to have the captain of Manchester United work on a game that uses his sport. His newest endeavor with Semper Fortis' rocket league team should prove very successful for the team.


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Harry Maguire partners with Semper Fortis Esports

Harry Maguire has not explicitly stated that he plans to work with SMPR_Esports, but he named them in his tweet. This is likely an indication that he will dive deeper into Rocket League Esports for Semper Fortis. Harry Maguire knows the value of hard work and putting together a great team, so that is incredibly smart.


A further indication that Harry will focus on the Rocket League team is SMPR_Esports. They retweeted his tweet and said, "Proud to have you on the team," which is pretty much a dead giveaway. "We're excited for what's to come!" was the second line, which echoed everyone else's comments.

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Among the most traditional Esports is Rocket League. It looks like European football and has a big following in Europe since it is modeled after it. It remains to be seen what Harry will do, but could anyone be better qualified to promote Esports or help this team?