Should Rocket League Rumble Get New Power-Ups?

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Rumble is probably one of the most popular non-traditional Rocket League modes going. While a lot of us play Rocket League because we take it a little bit too seriously, it’s nice to jump into Rumble and remind ourselves that it’s a game, and sometimes that game has power-ups that let you punch the ball with a giant boxing glove.

Well, Rumble hasn’t really changed since it was introduced, and frankly, a lot of players think it could do with some new life, namely in the way of new power-ups. It’s something that seems simple, but even one or two new items in the game could change the mode dramatically. Well, as ever, someone in the community just went ahead and made this idea a reality.


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Rumble 2.0

You know that if we’re talking about a mod or a custom map, then we’re probably going to be talking a Lethamyr video. Well, this one has them playing a mod from Ecrase Patate called Rumble 2.0: The Clan War. This mod adds in a whopping twenty new power-ups, but that’s not all it does.


Alongside adding in all of those abilities, it also lets you pick a clan, if you want, which will dictate the ones available in your item pool. Of course, you can also choose to have all of them r none of them available using a custom set, but no matter what, it’s a really fun idea. The power-ups all look like a lot of fun, and they include things like making players unable to jump or changing where people’s ball cam is looking.

Now, we’re not suggesting that Psyonix introduces every single power-up in the mod, not at all. However, it would be nice to see a few new ones added in, and maybe even have it so that there’s always the same number of power-ups, but the ones in the pool rotate every match or something. Or, you know, they could just up the mod support a bit and let players share these modes without having to go through loads of trouble.