Please Rotate To Back Post In Rocket League

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Teamwork on Rocket League comes in a lot of different forms, and if you’re looking to improve at the game, it’s often the first thing you should try and address when in matches. You can’t always control what everyone else is doing, but learning to do a couple of things can help your team out immensely.

The one that will help your team out the most through, is the simple art of rotating. We could easily do an entire series of articles talking about all of the different kinds of rotations you can master in Rocket League, but there’s just one we want to talk about today, and that’s back post rotations.


Learn how to rotate to the back post

So, back post rotations are when you go to the post that’s furthest away from the ball in order to be able to cover it with ease. That means if it’s in the right-hand corner near your goal, you’ll be waiting just past the left-hand goalpost.

Rather than waiting in the goal, which is only really useful as a last resort, back post rotations allow you to clear the ball into less dangerous territory, or choose to control the ball in a more effective way. It also means you and your teammates can kind of queue up. If you’re on the back post, there’s usually going to be one player ahead of you making a challenge, and one other player getting ready to rotate behind you.


It’s an incredibly simple thing, and while it doesn’t seem like it should be difficult, it can often feel unnatural because you often have to take a wider circle to do so. However, it’s the right thing to do 99% of the time, and if you can make sure you learn how to do it efficiently using a mix of boost management and power-sliding, you’ll climb up a rank or two with no other effort.