Rocket League's Tournament MMR Is Weird

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Tournaments in Rocket League are a great idea, but one that, as is often the case, has a few holes in it. The idea is great, pit 32 teams of players up against each other to determine who is the best on any given day. You limit the number of them because you want to make sure there are always enough players, and then you put some cool stuff in the prize support.

In theory, that’s all great, but in practice, we’ve all got some complaints we’d probably like to make. One of the strangest issues though isn’t to do with connectivity, limited spaces, or the surprisingly low number of actual Tournaments. Instead, our main issue, at the moment, is all to do with MMR.


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What’s Up With Tournament MMR?

If you’ve been playing a lot of Rocket League, but not a lot of tournaments, then you might have noticed something of a discrepancy between your actual rank and the tournaments you get placed in. You see, it’s all down to how your Tournaments Rank was originally determined. Back when they were introduced, Psyonix based your Tournaments Rank on your Competitive rank.

That’s by far and away the most logical way to do it, unless the tournaments initially had widely acknowledged connection issues that put you and a bunch of other people off of playing them for a few months. In our experience, things are better now, but that means that the rank you had when they were introduced might not match where you are now. It’s been a long time since the tourney MMR was set, probably long enough for a lot of players to climb up from Plat to Champ, for example. That means Champ-level players will be in lobbies full of Plats, and no offence to Plats, because you’ll get better, but that’s a fairly frustrating experience for everyone involved.

But hey, at least the tournament you’re in is dictated by the highest-ranking player on your team. So, just party up with your usual friends, and you’ll end up where you need to be, right? Well, sort of. You’ll play in the correct Tournament, but you might not gain any MMR for your match wins. That means you’ll be stuck in purgatory in Tournaments forever. We’re not telling Psyonix how to do their jobs, because they know better than us, but could we maybe just link Tournament MMR to 3s MMR and just go with that?