Rocket League: You Have To Watch Pros Against The Best Hoops Players

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A lot of Rocket League players just aren’t keen on the extra modes. There’s nothing wrong with that either, some of the modes don’t feel as though they help you improve as a player, and it can be intensely frustrating when one of the challenges for the season involves getting MVP in that accursed playlist.

However, some players go the complete other way with those modes, and they love them. In fact, not only do they get stuck into those modes, but they master them. Well, Cbell decided it would be a good idea to see what kind of Rocket Player is actually the best and to do that, he pitted some pros against some of the best Hoops players going.

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Who’s better, Hoops players, or the pros?

It’s a pretty simple idea, but it’s also the kind of thing that just makes for really good #content. The pro players consist of AlphaKep, Arsenal, and Lethamyr. Those are three names that’d instil enough fear in most of us to result in us becoming babbling Bronzes within seconds, but against the hoops players, things are different.

Watching these extraordinary players being put through their paces is odd enough in any mode, but it’s really fascinating to see just how intense upper-level hoops games can be. Of course, it wouldn’t be very fair if it was all hoops all of the time, so the video eventually goes on to show how the hoops players deal with being in the RLCS home ground.

What’s really cool though, is that there was a follow-up video from Lethamyr where he actually went up against Ian and Bat once again, but this time just with Arsenal. As ever, watching Arsenal’s unique playstyle and intensely chaotic comms makes for an incredibly fun time. It’s also wild just how good the non-hoops players are given they’re not putting all of their time into the mode.

It’s also a good reminder that the skills you learn in other modes are often transferable. Practising your aerial control in hoops is a great way to get even better in normal matches, and the same is true of modes like drop shot too. In fact, the only mode that probably doesn’t help at all is snow day, but that’s not exactly a surprise.