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Rocket League World Championship 2019: Season 8 Tickets, Stream, Prize Money, Bracket, Schedule And More From The Final In Madrid


The Season 8 Rocket League World Championship 2019 takes place on the 13th-15th December, in Madrid, as 12 teams fight to be the best in Rocket League Esports.


With Rocket League recently introducing Blueprints, in place of crates, as well as Rocket League Pass 5 going live - we have an eventful month of Rocket League ahead.

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Dates & Venue

The event takes place on the 13th-15th December at Palacio Vistalegre Arena in Madrid, Spain.

  • 13th-14th December: Group Stage
  • 15th December: Playoffs


Tickets have gone on sale and can be obtained here. There are two types of seats:

  • Floor Seating - €45 (plus applicable fees and taxes)
  • Grandstand Seating - €35 (plus applicable fees and taxes)

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The World Championships will be streamed on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter in various languages:



Prize Money

Overall, there is $529,500 in prizes to be distributed between the 12 teams at the World Championship.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st - $200,000
  • 2nd - $120,000
  • 3rd-4th - $40,000
  • 5th-6th - $24,750
  • 7th-8th - $16,000
  • 9th-12th - $12,000

The MVP, determined by a panel of RLCS Analysts and administrators, will also receive an additional $5,000.

Teams & Rosters

Here are the teams set to compete in the World Championship, including the rosters ('S' represents a substitute and 'C' represents a coach):

  • Team Reciprocity - Ferra, Chausette45, fruity, Neqzo (S), yumi_cheeseman (C)
  • Renault Vitality - Fairy Peak, Scrub Killa, Kaydop, Jessie (S), Gregan (C)
  • Veloce Esports - FlamE, FreaKii, Kassio, yumi_cheeseman (C)
  • Dignitas - ViolentPanda, Yukeo, AztraL, JZR (S), Virge (C)
  • NRG Esports - GarrettG, jstn, Turbopolsa, Moses (S), Sizz (C)
  • Pittsburgh Knights - ExplosiveGyro, retals, mist, Mala (S), Moopy (C)
  • Spacestation Gaming - Sypical, AxB, Arsenal, Chrome (C)
  • eUnited - hockser, Roll Dizz, ayjacks, fire (S)
  • Renegades - Torsos, Kamii, Siki, Yeatzy (S)
  • Canberra Havoc - Walcott, Le Duck, SPYDOGE, Riv (S)
  • The Three Sins - matix, math, valt, Jato (C)
  • Lowkey Esports - caard, tander, CaioTG1, Firewall154 (S), Kairos (C)

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Here is the format for the Season 8 World Championships:

  • The Group stage takes place over a period of two days, from the 13th-14th December.
  • Teams are split into two groups of six in a double-elimination bracket.
  • All matches in the group stages are a best of five.
  • The top three teams to the Playoffs, with the winner of each group receiving a bye into the Semi-finals.
  • The final day playoffs, which takes place on the 15th December, is a single-elimination bracket.
  • All matches in the playoffs are a best of seven.


Day 1 (13th December)

  • Veloce Esports vs Lowkey Esports (Group A, Quarter-Final 1)
  • eUnited vs Renegades (Group A, Quarter-Final 2)
  • Spacestation Gaming vs Canberra Havoc (Group B, Quarter-Final 1)
  • Dignitas vs The Three Sins (Group B, Quarter-Final 2)
  • NRG Esports vs TBD (Group A, Semi-Final 1)
  • Renault Vitality vs TBD (Group A, Semi-Final 2)
  • Team Reciprocity vs TBD (Group B, Semi-Final 1)
  • Pittsburgh Knights (Group B, Semi-Final 2)


Day 2 (14th December)

  • TBD vs TBD (Group A, Winners Final)
  • TBD vs TBD (Group B, Winners Final)
  • TBD vs TBD (Group A, Losers Semi-Final 1)
  • TBD vs TBD (Group A, Losers Semi-Final 2)
  • TBD vs TBD (Group B, Losers Semi-Final 1)
  • TBD vs TBD (Group B, Losers Semi-Final 2)
  • TBD vs TBD (Group A, Losers Final)
  • TBD vs TBD (Group B, Losers Final)

Day 3 (15th December)

  • TBD vs TBD (Playoffs, Quarter-Final 1)
  • TBD vs TBD (Playoffs, Quarter-Final 2)
  • TBD vs TBD (Playoffs, Semi-Final 1)
  • TBD vs TBD (Playoffs, Semi-Final 2)
  • TBD vs TBD (Grand Final)


The full bracket can be found here.

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