Rocket League: What If We Had Multiplayer Freeplay?

A lot of content creators swear by using Freeplay to improve themselves in Rocket League. The ability to just chase around after the ball on your own is something that allows you to practice your car control, go hard on mechanics, or just warm up a bit before jumping into proper matches.

It’s an integral part of a lot of people’s sessions, and it’s a completely solo experience. It lets you, and you alone, mess around in a completely uncontrolled arena to maximise the chances of you focussing on hitting the ball, trying out different kinds of contact on the ball, or just learning how to wavedash or speed-flip. However, it being entirely solo is a bit odd given that most people consider Rocket League to be a team game.

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What If We Had Multiplayer Freeplay?

So, our idea is simple enough. Just add multiplayer into Freeplay. We know that you can go into a private match if you want to and effectively recreate it, but it’s not quite the same as you can’t just reset the ball, and frankly, it’s more effort than we’d like to put in. The thing is, we already know that multiplayer Freeplay is possible. Psyonix basically already put it in Rocket League anyway.

If you spend enough time queuing up in Casual matches again and again and again, you will, at some point, be placed into a multiplayer Freeplay lobby. More often than not, this will only be for a second or two. However, every so often, it’ll end up being several minutes as the search for your next game.

When this happens, you and whoever is dragged into this weird version of purgatory with you will be stuck in a multiplayer Freeplay match. You can drive around as much as you want, collect boost, shoot your shot, and mess around. You can’t reset the ball here though, nor do you have infinite boost, but it’s effectively the kind of thing we’d like to see.

It’s not unreasonable to want to go into training with your party either while you’re queuing or beforehand. It’s not like it’s a big ask either, we know that talking about mods or custom maps in multiplayer is a bigger ask, but this is just a little one. Go on Psyonix, help all of us Rocket Leaguers out and give us the chance to properly practice together.

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