New Rocket League Patch Is Rolling Out Tonight, May Fix PC Trading Credits Exploit

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Rocket League Support has announced that they're releasing a brand new update to the game today (June 24) which should be released across "all platforms".

The game recently announced the return of the games next Summer Event, dubbed the 'Rocket League Summer Road Trip', however, this update doesn't appear to be related to the impending event, since that starts on July 1.

It's possible that the game is simply rolling out a few key changes and improvements in the lead up to the games next seasonal event.

What Time Is The Rocket League Update Today?

As noted, the update is scheduled to release on June 24th.

Rocket League Support has noted that the new patch should arrive at 4 pm PT / 12 am BST.

So any players in the UK, it'll be a late one if you're dying to see what's changed.

New Rocket League Patch Notes

So far Psyonix have not shared any updates or patch notes to indicate what they might be changing.

We have no doubt they'll share these closer to launch, but pre-release it's hard to know what they're fixing.

Although numerous fans are clamouring for that 120fps on PS5 update, it's most likely that today's patch is fixing an exploit going around on PC when trading for credits.

We should discover more later this evening, so stay tuned for news and download sizes when the patch drops.

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