Rocket League: The 5 Most Toxic Quick Chats

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We all know that despite the fact that Rocket League is one of the greatest games in existence, it’s not always one of the nicest ones.

Communication is essential in Rocket League, and to make things easy, there are loads of quick chat options that you can choose from to make sure you can say everything you need to.

While the community is full to the brim with decent players who’ll help you out, share a joke with you in the chats, and every so often, and people who meet and get married because of it, it’s also replete with people who seem to be perpetually having a bad day.

Because of that, we thought we’d work through some of the more frustrating experiences in the game by ranking the five most toxic quick chats in Rocket League.

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The Five Most Toxic Quick Chats In Rocket League

Now, we’re specifically talking about the quick chats here so that console players can be included, and also because a lot of the typed out stuff on PC is, frankly, disgusting.

While all of these can be used in a useful way, it’s far more likely that seeing these is going to lead to your salt levels building and you tilting so hard you sprain a muscle. So, here are our picks for the most toxic quick chats in Rocket League.

5 - Wow!

Now, Wow! should be used to react when something incredible happens, which isn’t exactly uncommon in Rocket League thanks to the absurd things you can do in the game. Did someone just hit a triple flip reset into Musty flick? Then Wow! away.

However, it’s far more likely that someone has said that just as you’ve misread a bounce and flown past the ball like a beautiful ballerina. We get it, it’s annoying when a teammate messed up, but we could all do with less of your sarcasm.

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4 - Okay.

Okay. is great if you’re responding to a teammate’s instructions or just acknowledging something that someone else said. Again though, it’s more likely that it’s not going to be used like that.

What’s more likely, is that someone puts this in the chat to react to being blown up, or again, as you soar like a butterfly through the sky, completely missing the ball because you don’t want to ruin your hair. It’s frustrating, and while you may not like getting blown up, we’d advise against using this because it’s just going to get you blown up again.

3 - Great Pass!

There aren’t many things in Rocket League that feel as good as a passing play. When you’re starting out it’s unlikely you’ll even believe these are possible, but from your first successful one onwards, you’ll always be seeking the rush of a friend saying Great Pass! in the chat.

Of course, as ever, you’re going to come to hate this phrase because it’ll happen when you mess up a clear and the other team makes the most of it by dunking on you. Nobody is perfect, and maybe if you’re teammate was better then you’d not be so tempted to use the next one...

2 - What a Save!

Saving goals is an essential part of every Rocket League match. It’s not just about scoring, but making sure the other team doesn’t score is almost the same thing, because if they’re not an extra goal up, you don’t have to get an extra goal. So, it’s great when someone uses What a Save! after you get a last-second save by smashing the ball into the crossbar and clearing it.

Or, you know, the rando on your team could just spam it after a goal gets scored because they lost possession after stealing your boost and ball-chasing for the last two minutes. Sure, that works too.

1 - Take the Shot!

Now, our final pick might not be what you were expecting, but hear us out. Take the Shot! is useful for letting teammates know that you’re rotating away from the ball, need boost, or just want to set up a pass.

Instead, it gets absolutely shoved down your throat by a very specific kind of player who seems to be unaware that everyone knows that the way you win in Rocket League matches is to have a higher score than the other team. This one is also worse because it’s almost exclusively used by your own team in the team chat, rather than being thrown at you by everyone. We know we need to take a shot, Dave, but you saying it three times every time you mess up a basic play just makes us want to throw the game. It makes us want a 'Cut it Out!' quick chat to respond with.

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