Rocket League Tactical Powers Up Your Rumble, But Not For Long

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Rocket League Rumble is getting a bit of a makeover for a limited time as Rocket League Tactical Rumble.

Rocket League Tactical Rumble is live now through June 7 in Private and Exhibition matches and also under the “Extras” tab in Online Competitive.

As with regular rumble, Tactical Rumble is only available for 3v3 matches.

Tactical Rumble gives you a total of three power ups instead of the usual one and then rotates them once the cooldown timer resets.

You’ll also be able to choose the power-ups once the match begins, whereas the game usually assigns them at random when the match begins.

The Rocket League Tactical Rumble power-ups are the same as normal Rocket League Rumble, but Psyonix changed the cooldown timers for each.

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Rocket League Tactical Powers Up Your Rumble, But Not For Long

Here’s the Rocket League Tactical Rumble cooldown timer list:

10-Second Cooldown

  • Tornado
  • Car Swapper
  • Disruptor

15-Second Cooldown

  • Power Hitter
  • Grappling Hook
  • The Boot

20-Second Cooldown

  • Magnetizer
  • Freezer

25-Second Cooldown

  • Plunger
  • Haymaker
  • Spikes

Psyonix didn't indicate whether we'll see Tactical Rumble return after it ends, though we'd be surprised if it was only a one-time change to the event.

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[Source: Psyonix]

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