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Rocket League Promo Codes June 2021: Active Codes and Rewards

UPDATE - Latest active promo codes for June 1st, added.

Original Story - Rocket League's cars are great fun to drive, but they're also impressively customisable.

While you can unlock plenty of parts via the in-game store or through unlocking lootboxes through playing, you can also redeem codes for freebies.

Here's how, as well as this month's offerings.

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How To Redeem Rocket League Codes

To unlock free content in Rocket League, you'll need to head into the game's main menu.


Head to "Options", "Extras", and then "Redeem Code".

Where can you find codes you ask? Psyonix occasionally releases them to players, but they'll also sneak them into trailers.

We'll update our codes here as we hear more.

Active Rocket League Promo Codes (June 2021)

Here are the codes we know of for April 2021, so far:

popcorn – Unlocks Limited Popcorn Rocket Boost

As we mentioned above, we'll update this as we find more.

Expired Rocket League Promo Codes

  • rlnitro: Unlocks the Breakout: Nitro Circus Deval and Antenna.
  • Bekind: Unlocks the VCR Limited Topper.
  • couchpotato: Unlocks Couch Potato Limited Player Title.
  • rlbirthday: Unlocks two WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.
  • SARPBC: Unlocks the SARPBC logo, song, car, and Moai Antenna.
  • shazam: Unlocks the Octane: Shazam Limited Decal and Shazam Limited Wheels.
  • Truffleshuffle: Unlocks the Octane: The Goonies Limited Decal.
  • wrestlemania: Unlocks two WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.
  • WWE18: Unlocks two WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.
  • wwedads: Unlocks two WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.