Could Rocket League Have Penalties?

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We’ve been thinking about penalties recently, as you do, and we couldn’t help but wonder if there was a way to put them into Rocket League. As it stands, as you probably know, when a game ends in a draw, you go into overtime and that ends whenever someone scores.

It’s a good system, and it can make for some incredibly entertaining matches, but it can also occasionally lead to matches that last more than 15 minutes because everyone suddenly tenses up in overtime. It means that everyone starts playing a bit more conservatively, more defensively, and ultimately, it means overtime can last way too long. So, what if overtime had an upper limit too, and then there was a penalty shootout?


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Could You Make Penalties Work In Rocket League?

Now, the timing of this is simple enough. You play for five minutes in the main match, then a further five minutes in overtime. In the event things are settled with all of that time, as can very rarely be the case, you then move to a penalty shootout. That’s all simple enough in theory, but Rocket League isn’t football, so we’ve got to get a bit creative at this point.

You’d normally have players take shots from the penalty line, or whatever it’s called. Look, we don’t play football, we play Rocket League, so give us a bit of room here. Anyway, that doesn’t really work in Rocket League, because you don’t have a foot to swing, just a car, so you need a bit more room. As such, there are two potential options for this here as we see it.


The first option is to start the shootout with the ball on top of the attacking player’s car. This allows them potentially dribble or flick it into different positions in the net, and the keeper then has to try and save it. The other option is that you just turn the match into a freestyle match. One team or player will have to get the ball from their goal to the other, and the keeper has to try and save it. If they’re successful, then the map resets, and the roles are reversed. For either of these to work, the keeper has to be kept within certain boundaries, otherwise, it’s just a weird game of Rocket League.

How do you think penalties could work in Rocket League, and would you want them in the game?