Rocket League Needs These Two New Modes

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Not everybody loves the Extra Modes in Rocket League, and that’s pretty understandable given that they don’t all really help you get better at the game. The four current ones, as you probably know, are Rumble, Dropshot, Hoops, and Snow Day. You can make an argument for the first three helping you learn more about car control and stuff, but Snow Day isn’t helping anyone. Anyway, the point here is that clearly, the game modes are about fun, not training specific parts of your gameplay.

So, with that in mind, we think it’s about time to add two new modes to the permanent Extra Modes list. The first of these is one that pops in and out fairly regularly, and one of the more popular ones to mess around with in private matches, and the other is a fairly new mode that we think should be made a more permanent option in the game. So, here’s why Rocket League should add Heatseeker and Grid Iron to the Extra Modes playlist.

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Give Us More Grid Iron (And Heatseeker Too, We Guess)

Honestly, the main reason for this piece is that Grid Iron is a god damn riot to play. For those who’ve not had the pleasure of jumping into it, it’s based on American football, and has two teams facing off in a slightly different way to normal Rocket League. It feels a bit like a modified Spike Rush (which could also be added, but we’re not as hot on it) as the football sticks to the top of your car.

The aim is to use your dodge to throw the ball in different directions before driving it into the goal. It results in some absolutely wild plays, and the fact that we’ve only had it for a few brief moments so far is absolutely doing this excellent mode a huge disservice. You can’t even select it in private matches, it’s just non-existent when it’s not the limited-time mode, and we feel incredibly wronged by the whole thing.

Heatseeker is a mode you’ve far more likely tried out because, unlike Grid Iron, it is available to play in private matches. However, even then, you can only really play it against other people in private matches. This absolutely deserves some proper matchmaking, because it’s definitely better than Snow Day.

Anyway, the point is, can we have more stuff, please Psyonix. We know you’re working hard, and we don’t want you to overdo it, but we’d also really like these two modes added into the Extra Modes lists. Please? Pretty please? We can send pictures of cute animals if it’ll help our cause.