Rocket League Needs Multiplayer Training Packs

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A few weeks ago, we talked about how Freeplay should have multiplayer, and we absolutely stand by that. The ability to just mess about with your teammates would be really useful, and while private matches allow for some creativity, there are some key Freeplay features missing from it.

However, it’s not just multiplayer Freeplay that would help players perfect their teamplay. One of the other ways players use to level up their own gameplay is the training packs. These opportunities to run drills are great for working on specific mechanics, and some players swear by them. They’re also customisable, and new ones come out all the time. So, why don’t we have multiplayer ones?


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Can We Get Multiplayer Training Packs?

You know how you and your friend keep getting really close to hitting that incredible redirect that you’re absolutely convinced would be sweeter than that absurdly ice cream you like? Well, if we had multiplayer training packs, then you could easily keep practising them together for hours on end. Repetition is key in Rocket League, and that’s one of the things that makes it such a satisfying game to improve at. It needs to be a little simpler to get those reps in though.

Instead of taking ages to set up specific passing plays in a bot-less bot match or waiting for the right moment to happen naturally in a Casual game, wouldn’t it be easier if you could just go into a training pack? You and your friend would spawn in specific places, and then the ball would fly at one of you, ready to be passed into the perfect shot. There’s no fuss here, just the exact situation you want to practice, followed by however long you want to spend drilling it.

Given how much of Rocket League is based on teamwork and team plays, why don’t teams have the same access to the tools we have when we’re playing solo? Opening up the ability to play Freeplay or these training packs in 2s or 3s means that you and your team can really master the things that will help you move up to the next rank, or just climb the leaderboard. That’s got to be important to make sure Rocket League keeps growing, right?