Rocket League needs custom maps in private matches

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If you watch a lot of Rocket League creators, then you’ll be fully aware that there is a thriving custom map scene in the game that spits out awesome new content and a frankly terrifying rate. Whether you want to try playing Among Us in Rocket League, transforming maps, or just some really strange shapes, there’s probably something around that’ll scratch your strange itch.

It’s wonderful, and it seems like Psyonix sort of supports the whole thing, but actually playing them with friends is a gargantuan task that’ll turn away a lot of people, and generally makes it far too frustrating to actually use.


Can we use Custom Maps in private matches, please?

The current method of playing online with friends is detailed over on Lethamyr’s site, which makes sense given that he is one of the best producers of these Custom Maps in the first place.

We’re not going to list everything out, but the process involves multiple downloads and pretending you’re all playing locally to make it viable. This isn’t something people will always feel comfortable doing, and that’s completely understandable given the potential privacy risks of doing so.

The answer here is pretty obvious; let us use them in private matches without needing all of that extra work. We’re not sure exactly how complicated it would be to do this, because we’re not developers, but it would do a huge amount to bring even more light to the wonderful work that map creators do.


What are some maps worth looking at?

We’re going to go ahead here and just list some of the incredible maps that are out there. All of these have been featured or made by Lethamyr, so you know you’re getting his seal of quality when you watch these. The first one is one we’ve already mentioned, which is Among Us:

As you can see, it’s literally Among Us with cars, and that’s incredible. There are loads of strange shapes to mess around with too, like this one that’s set on top of a donut, which makes us kind of hungry:


Finally, there are a lot of cool maps that mostly mess around with the way that the goals work. We like a lot of them, but the way this one uses goals and the sheer chaos that it causes is worth looking at: