Rocket League At E3 2021: What Is Psyonix Planning?

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Rocket League was a hit with gamers ever since it launched, constantly rewarding fans with free stuff throughout the years, the biggest of which was the game itself going free-to-play, shocking many players.

While that’s usually a bad sign, Rocket League has managed to maintain its audience by giving them quality content over the years, which is surprising since this is just a soccer game with cars when you really think about it.

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Rocket League at E3 2021

Though the game has lost a bit of steam, Rocket League developer Psyonix is expected to appear in E3 2021, albeit at an unknown capacity.

Most fans are expecting some kind of big announcement regarding Rocket League, whether it be a sequel or more promotional content.

So, here’s what Psyonix might have planned at E3 this year and if Rocket League will be a big part of it.

NASCAR Promotion

It was recently announced that Rocket League and NASCAR would start a partnership, with nine of the promotion’s star cars appearing in the game.

Obviously, it’s been a while since the first DLC pack came out but with NASCAR wanting to make its influence more known, we wouldn’t be surprised if more cars were announced during E3.

Rocket League Sideswipe Reveal?

The first Rocket League mobile game, Rocket League Sideswipe was announced back in March and captured a decent amount of interest from fans.

Admittedly, the game isn’t as appealing as its console brethren but that doesn’t mean Sideswipe should be ignored and we wouldn’t be surprised if it popped up during E3 in some capacity.

E3 2021 Presence Confirmed

Nobody really knows what Psyonix has planned for E3 but the developer is mentioned on the Summer Games Fest website.

We imagine they'll form part of the Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live Event, which takes place on June 10.

But right now, the only details on this event is a rather vague description on the website that reads:

"Geoff Keighley hosts a spectacular live world premiere showcase, with a performance by Weezer, Day of the Devs and more!"

We’re gonna try not to get our hopes up but we’re sure that the developers have something exciting for Rocket League fans.

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