Rocket League: Halloween October 2019 Update

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The next Rocket League update is arriving on all platforms on October 14th at 10am PDT (5pm UTC/6pm BST). This update is going to prepare all the decorations for our upcoming in-game Halloween party, plus add some quality-of-life features that we hope you enjoy. Here's everything you can expect to see in the October Update.

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Haunted Hallows

Dress up your Battle-Car and get ready to earn some Candy Corn, Haunted Hallows is returning. The third installment of this spectacular spookfest will start as soon as the update goes live. This year's in-game event is ready to flip what you expect from the usual Haunted Hallows, so stay tuned later this week for more info.

Key Features

Post-Game Party-Up

Now you'll easily be able to party-up with teammates from the post-game menu. Simply select "Party-Up" after a match. Teammates who also select "Party-Up" will then be grouped together with you for the next game.

Team Coloured-Boost Meter

October's Update is bringing colored Boost Meters. The Boost Meter itself will remain the same, but the Meter's background will be blue or orange depending on your team color. The Boost Meter will also match custom team colors, and the Colorblind Mode option will apply to the boost meter, too!



Quickplay Button

There will be one less button press to get you exactly where you want to go. Following the update, you'll be able to select "Quickplay" and immediately start searching for a game in the last playlist you joined. New players will default to the 3v3 Standard Playlist when selecting Quickplay for the first time.

News Panel Refresh

As soon as you start up Rocket League following the October Update, you'll notice that the news section has received a new coat of paint. The grid of information that is usually found on the right side of the screen has been replaced with a new welcome screen that will highlight new events, DLC, or other major announcements. Once dismissed, it can be accessed again via a hidden News Tab on the right side of the screen.

New Esports Team

Two new teams are being added to the Esports Shop rotation: Complexity and Spacestation Gaming! Look out for their new items in the Esports Shop following the update.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91