Could you beat a drunk Rocket League pro player?

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We’ve all had days where you find yourself at the absolute top of your game. You’re hitting every single shot perfectly, you’re dribbling like a baby cutting their first teeth, and you and your team have become one homogeneous blob of a rocket car. You feel unstoppable, and you know for a fact that if God played Rocket League, that you could beat them.

Well, you FEEL like you could do that, but realistically, God doesn’t play Rocket League. The closest thing we have to Rocket League gods are the pros, but they’re so obnoxiously good at the game that the vast majority of us on our very best day would get wrecked beyond reasoning if we played them.

Is alcohol the great equaliser?

Well, SunlessKhan, the well known Seth Rogen impersonator and haver of facial hair, decided to finally answer the question we’ve all been wondering about all this time; how drunk would a professional have to be to lose to a Champ 2? You know, that question that’s regularly floated around Reddit all the time because we just gotta know.

Well, maybe it’s not the most asked question in the world (Google Trends tells us it’s too specific), but that doesn’t make the answer any less entertaining. The video has the likes of players like Lethamyr, Speed, and Kash, playing through a series of 2v2s and 3v3s against Champ 2s.

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First of all, watching it is a little depressing because even after multiple drinks the SSLs are disgustingly good. Seriously, why are these people able to hit double-tap Musty Flicks while inebriated, who gave them the right? Secondly, there’s something intensely entertaining about watching some of the best players in existence slowly sink down a few ranks and become increasingly chaotic.

SunlessKhan does a lot of very cool videos, but this might be the funniest one we’ve had from them in a while, if only because Lethamyr ends up barely on the camera slipping down in his chair after spilling a drink all over his hands, and that’s hilarious.

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