Rocket League Content Creator Dropped From N7 Esports After Lying About Having Cancer

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Recent scandals have rocked the Rocket League community. From the initial claims to the eventual removal of a player from N7 Esports, everything is below. Kaw AKA MsDirtyBird recently confessed to lying about having "metastatic brain and lung cancer."

After giving the very questionable diagnosis, many investigated to find out if it was true, which it wasn't. Due to the severity of the claims, the Rocket League community and her own family exposed her. Warning for people with sensitivity to cancer, specifically brain cancer and lung cancer.


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After starting a petition to have more power in Rocket League, MsDirtyBird's claimed to have cancer. Many were confused, namely her sister, Flamango0420. Some time after the claim in January Famango0420 went on live-stream to address the claim, which you can see below. The sister did not believe it one bit, and she said the claim hurt her due to their family's history of cancer.

Very brave of her to do so.


For those who do not want to watch the video, here's the important part of what she said:

"Her having cancer, I don't think--She hasn't said anything to any of us… It hurts me that she has said this because as of three days ago, it was five years ago that my gran passed away from small cell lung cancer."

Then, MsDirtyBird issued an apology where she reworded a quote from the movie "Cyberbully" (2011). It was exposed in a tweet about the apology, seen below.


And after this tweet from SwornRL, Rocket League Org N7 Esports came into the situation.

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Rocket League Esports Player Dropped

N7 Released this statement below and said they would be removing her as a Rocket League content creator.

N7's long message basically stating that they love their community but they can't keep MsDirtyBird around for her actions.
TL;DR: N7 is dropping MsDirtyBird for lying about having cancer.

Afterward, MsDirtyBird released an unedited apology video in a tweet. Click here for the video. MsDirtyBird has since made her Twitter private, but I have the transcript of the tweet below.

The tweet read:

"This is my real and official apology. I'm sorry to everyone that I hurt personally, professionally and emotionally.
I'm sorry to Kriptic_Games, TriHouse, SwornRL, Paralakz, Mousa021, MG_HOMIE, Wawas, and anyone that took time out of their day to defend"

So it seems like she will be taking some time off. What's most interesting is what she says in the video about why she did all of this:

"I don't want to be the type of content creator that is known for lying. I did not do it for the attention."

For now, it appears that we've heard the last of this situation. What a bizarre and unfortunate incident in the Rocket League community. Hopefully, we can move forward from here.