Would You Play A Rocket League Battle Royale?

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The battle royale genre isn’t what it used to be. We don’t mean that in a bad way, not at all; in fact, innovation is by far and away the best possible thing that can happen to any style of game. Rather than every single game just being about picking up loot and shooting things, we’ve seen a few games that are about playing Tetris, or making your way through a Takeshi’s Castle-esque series of levels.

Well, with a constant slew of games taking a stab at the whole thing, it was only a matter of time until Rocket League got involved. As such, one creator has made a battle royale custom map that Lethamyr showed off in one of his videos. It’s pretty cool, and you should check it out, but we also have some other ideas that we think would work well.

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Would You Play A Rocket League Battle Royale?

The idea in the video is more of a classic battle royale mode. The rules for demos have been changed, and it results in players basically trying to correctly time their flips to take each other out. It’s all very chaotic, but we’ve actually got two other ideas for how a battle royale could be implemented within Rocket League using the rules already in place; all it would take is a couple of tweaks.

The first idea would be to have lots of players facing off against bots or other players. Whether or not this is team-based would be down to the mode, but the idea would be to be the first one to score across multiple rounds. The last person or team to score in each round would be eliminated, and it would take place across five or so rounds. You could also have it to be to try and score the most goals in a limited amount of time too. Both of these would have you playing Rocket League as intended, but we’ve also got a more violent suggestion.

Now, this a throwback, but if you played F-Zero X on the Nintendo 64, then you might remember a mode called Death Race. This mode had you racing around a straight track with the sole aim of trying to destroy every other vehicle on the course. It was a lot of fun, and you can watch some incredible speed runs online if you want to. Basically, what if you took the straight track, basically made it a doughnut and placed everyone inside of it, and then challenged everyone to race around trying to destroy each other and be the last one standing? We think that’d be great.