Pro Rocket League player Jstn withdraws from Intel World Open due to depressed mentality

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Justin 'Jstn.' Morales, a professional Rocket League player, has pulled out of the Intel World Open due to depression. As the Esports star explains, he has not felt mentally okay since the pandemic hit, and his mental health has slowly deteriorated. He also states he isn't going to leave the sport, but being in a non-Lan tournament 'ruins' it for him.

Morales explains in a Twitlonger how COVID has affected his mental state and left him feeling depressed and unmotivated. Justin Morales is one of the few players in Esports who has opened up recently concerning how much the outbreak has affected him and his ability to compete. Many may call this "burnout," but Justin Morales is clear that his disinterest is not a result of too much Rocket League gaming but rather a consequence of insufficient social interaction.

In Justin's own words:

"A prime example of this is my RLCS face cam. The reason why I always look dead whenever we score or even, in general, is that deep down, it's just been difficult for something to make me happy. Nothing makes me happy as of right now. "

Why not this tournament? When will Justin 'Jstn.' Morales return to Rocket League?

Esports players can play next to their teammates in LAN tournaments, but that isn't the case in WiFi tournaments. Many times in Rocket League LAN tournaments, fans can come and watch the tournament play out. It is a gratifying social experience, but these have been scarce due to strict quarantines and lockdowns.

Fans may fear that Justin 'Jstn.' Morales is moving towards quitting, but he assures us that he is not retiring. Although he has declined to participate in the Intel World open, he will still compete in Majors or NA Championship. Justin Morales has assured those concerned about the Rocket League Esports star that he will feel better after his brief break.

"I just really need some time off, and this summer break is the best time for me to reset my mental and hopefully come back stronger and return to my old happy self before the next season starts."

Not participating in the Rocket League Intel World Open is a big deal. There will be a $500,000 prize pool split evenly between Rocket League and Street Fighter V in this Olympic-affiliated tournament. Justin clearly needed a break to miss out on the prize pool, so we wish him all the best in his rest during the summer.

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