Majora's Mask Is Now In Rocket League

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We talked last week about Super Mario Bros. having come to Rocket League thanks to the one and only Lethamyr. That was already pretty impressive, and having things like the screen warping, the POW block, and the warp pipes all being goals made for some incredibly cool-looking gameplay.

It was pretty inevitable that we’d get to see more games brought into the world of Rocket League, but one that we certainly weren’t expecting to see was The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Despite being one of the best games in the series, it’s rather dark, and doesn’t always get as much attention as it deserves. That hasn’t stopped Lethamyr recreating Clock Town from the game anyway.


That’s intensely creepy

It could only ever really be Lethamyr that did this. He’s gone ahead and recreated the entirety of Clock Town from Majora’s Mask, which is the town that basically serves as the hub for the game. That includes things like letterboxes and little bits of bunting and all. It’s really very impressive, and he’s even made the scenery around the town to give it the proper ambience. Not only that, but the big old creepy moon is in the sky staring at everyone.

The game that Lethamyr and co decide to play on this map is hide and seek. Leth also added a bunch of random boxes to the world to help make things even better, and it makes for an entertaining watch as the players run around this absolutely massive world trying to find each other.


This video also serves as yet another example of how much a proper creative mode would enhance Rocket League too. There’s a whole world full of creativity out there, and while it’s often the bits that Leth makes that get attention, there are so many great creators out there that would be able to make the game more varied with the right tools. Ah well, maybe in Rocket League 2?