Is Rocket League Dying?

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If you’re a big follower of basically any Rocket League then you’ll likely be aware of the fact that the popularity of the game has plummeted since the initial free-to-play spike. It means that a lot of people think the game is dying, and while it’s certainly not as popular as it was when it initially went free-to-play, it’s also not just outright dying here.

It is, however, something that probably does need to be addressed by Psyonix at some point. In fact, it’s not just creators that have been suggesting things, a lot of the articles we publish are highlighting cool features that have been highlighted or made by modders or levels realtors, or even just ones that pop into our heads. Something probably does need to change, but the game’s not going anywhere.


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Rocket League isn’t dying, but it is less popular now

There are actually a few videos on this whole topic at the moment, but there are two that really stand out. The first is one from Thanovic, which feels a lot less authored than most of his videos, and the whole thing basically leads to the conclusion that a Creative Mode would help reinvigorate the game.


The second video we’re going to highlight is the embedded one above from Wayton Pilkin. This video goes into details about a lot of theories as to why things are going poorly, but it also points out that Psyonix isn’t really telling us what’s going on, why there haven’t been new features in a while, and that Rocket League is running and an incredibly old engine.

However, it comes to the same conclusion that we have regarding the game itself, and that’s that Rocket League isn’t going anywhere. The game doesn’t need the creators in the same way that the creators need the game. Don’t get us wrong, both are far better when they’re all firing on all cylinders, but Rocket League is far too unique to every completely die. However, we’d all like to see our favourite creators keep succeeding, and we’d also like to keep highlighting cool community content, so we’re really hoping that there is a Creative Mode, or at least a better toolset for sharing custom content, coming at some point. Maybe that’s just in Rocket League 2, but we’d like to know either way.