How to crush people in Rocket League Gridiron

Good news everyone, Rocket League’s best crossover is back. That’s right, the NFL is back in the game, and that means we all get to play Grid Iron again. Now, we’re going to be honest here, we know nothing about the actual real-world version of Grid Iron, which Americans seem to think is called football, but we do know a lot about Rocket League.

While we could easily just wax lyrical about the mode itself and talk about how incredible it is and ask Psyonix to implement it into the game permanently as an extra mode. Seriously Psyonix, get on this, please, it’s so much fun. Instead, we’re going to teach you a couple of tricks and tips to help you win every match you get into.

How To Play Rocket League Grid Iron

Now, Grid Iron is different to every other Rocket League mode, because you get to just hold the ball on top of your car if you make contact with it. When this happens, you’ll lose all of your boost, so it’s important to make sure you dodge and weave to keep the other team on their toes, and ideally, have your teammates demolishing everyone who stands in your way. You get far more points for driving the ball in than shooting it normally, so it’s always worth going for.

How To Throw The Ball In Gridiron

The other thing to remember is that the ball will move differently based on what you do with it in the air. If you forward flip while holding the ball it’ll yeet the ball forwards and up, with it spinning wildly end over end. This is good for just getting height, but not great for control. If you choose to backflip instead, you can quite efficiently pass it back to someone behind you, but make sure they know you’re going to attempt that.

The two other main ways of throwing the ball are to simply just double jump or side flip. The double jump will have the ball gently detach from you. This is excellent if you’re looking to fake an opponent out or have a teammate charge forward with some good boost speed instead of your normal driving pace. Side flipping is generally the most powerful choice though, as it throws the ball forward smoothly. This isn’t linked to your pace either, so you can turn around and side flip to throw it halfway down the field with no momentum whatsoever.

That’s basically everything you need to know about Grid Iron, now get out there and make us proud.

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