How Many Rocket League High Fives Do You Have?

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Rocket League has a points system that tries to do a good job of representing how much you’re helping out your team. It’s a tough one to balance, because it generally only includes the times when you’re actually hitting the ball, with extra points being awarded for doing something meaningful like clearing a ball or scoring, along with the odd one being thrown in for style.

It doesn’t, however, have any way of accounting for things like good back post rotations or faking an opponent out so hard that they quit the match, close the game, uninstall Rocket League, delete it from their game library, and then take a chainsaw to their PC before going for a long to reevaluate their lives. On the plus side though, it does take into account when you manage a high five.


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Why is this so hard?

After many, many, hours of playing, I finally got my first high five last week. I’ve sunk more hours into Rocket League than nearly any other game, but this one damn thing had eluded me consistently up until this point. It was frustrating, to say the least, but after a teammate managed a wonderful dribble into a flick and dunked on our foes, they flew into the air, I flew into the air, and we collided and cuddled there for a brief moment as the “High Five” notification popped up.

I’d argue that a lot of the other in-game accomplishments you can manage are far more meaningful, like scoring a long shot or an aerial goal, but this might be the most satisfying moment for me in the game for a fair while. It’s not just a high five, you see, it represents so much more than this.


To even manage one of these you need to need to make sure both you and your teammate are above the goal, and then that you manage to collide. Due to the fact that you often get yeeted by the goal explosion, it’s not an easy thing to plan, so it means that I’ve managed to attain a far better and more precise version of aerial control. Sure, I still can’t hit the ball, but I can hit my teammate, and sometimes that’s better. Anyway, what’s your proudest small Rocket League Achievement?