Batman’s Returning to Rocket League for This Year’s Haunted Hallows

Psyonix has announced that Batman's returning to Rocket League on October 14, lasting until November 1st, 2021. As part of their annual "Haunted Hallows" event for Halloween, the Dark Knight's got a few surprises in store.

Firstly, three previously released vehicles - The Batmobile (1989), The Dark Knight's Tumbler, and the Batmobile (2016) - will be available in the Item Shop (alongside Goal Explosions) as a Batman Halloween Bundle for 2000 credits. Reel Life Decals and Explosions will also be purchasable separately.

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Batman’s Returning to Rocket League for This Year’s Haunted Hallows

Several "Haunted Hallows Event Challenges" are also featured, unlocking several supervillain themed items. That includes a Joker Dominus Decal and Boost, Gotham's Finest Merc Decal, Harley Quinn Wheels and Topper, Poison Ivy Boost, and Mr Freeze Wheels.

Rumble Mode's getting a DC makeover too, giving temporary item themes based on Batman and his foes. Beckwith Park's getting a "Gotham Night" Arena Variant too during this event and finally, as a log-in reward during this event, players can claim a free Dark Knight Player Title.

This year's Haunted Hallows is shaping up quite nicely and as a reminder, Rocket League is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One and PS5/Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility. We'll keep you informed with further Rocket League updates.

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