Why Doesn't Rocket League Have A Freestyle Mode?

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Imagine this: you’re queueing Rocket League in 1s just trying to get better at the game. You’ve probably been at it for a fair while now because there’s no point in just doing a couple of matches, but you’re confident in the fact that, even though it might not be going your way, this is an important part of your training as a player.

It’s tough work, but it’s gratifying in its own way. Then, you get a match where the player goes for the kickoff, just enough to get rid of it for long enough for them to ask you a question, do you want to freestyle? You’re not a freestyler though, you’re one of those players that have ascended through a mixture of luck, game sense, and dunking on people when they make mistakes. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence though, which begs the question as to why there’s not a freestyle queue of some sort.


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Double-Tap Flip Reset This Mode

Freelancing, in case you’re not completely aware of it, is a playstyle where, rather than trying to simply score, you have to do so in style. We’re talking about the trickiest possible shots, where the aim isn’t to win at all, not really, but to show off how good you are at controlling your car, and how sick it is when you do fifteen flip resets in one shot.

It’s a completely different ball game to normal Rocket League, and it’s something that players seek out in various modes by asking their opponent if they’re into that kind of thing. It would make far more sense, in our humble opinion, for there to be a way to queue into a game mode entirely dedicated to freestyling.


Logically, this would make the most sense as an Extra Mode that was a 1v1, which would be cool because there aren’t any 1v2 Extra Modes at the moment. We’re not 100% sure how you’d keep track of who was winning or not, but it’s not all that important most of the time as it’s really all about having exceptional style and grace. So, please Psyonix, take these mechanically talented players away from us. Thanks!