A Brief History Of Play In Rocket League

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There are probably a lot of Rocket League players who tried the game out when it first launched, had a lot of fun, and then basically forgot about it until some time later. It’s weird to think about a game that’s changed so much despite not really adding in anything new, but Rocket League is very much that game.

In fact, if you were to look at the pros from the first season of Rocket League you’d think they were Gold players - we mean the actual first one too, not the new first season. It’s incredibly odd to think about, but it’s also true. In fact, we’ve got a video that proves it.

Rocket League has come a long way

This video comes from the wonderful Thanovic, who despite being trapped over on the Oceania server, remains one of the most creative content creators out there. This video takes the viewer from the launch of the game, all the way up to the modern-day. While there are a lot of cool little bits of information in there, the most fascinating aspect of the video is definitely how it shows off what’s changed when it comes to pro play.

The first season of RLCS has the pro players showing off skills that wouldn’t look out of place in a Gold lobby. The players managed a few cool shots, for sure, but for the most part, they barely aerial at all, and the car control is nothing compared to how it is now. The video takes us through the seasons as skill become more refined and reliable, and the changes to Ranked play as well.

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It’s a really fun watch, and it makes us wonder what Psyonix themselves expected from players. For our money, the bots show off what Psyonix expected players to be able to do, which is to say not much. The All-Star bots don’t aerial, but have some okay game sense and can occasionally sneak a ball past you. This feels like Psynoix admitting that’s what they were expecting, but you have to wonder if anyone there knew how big the game would become, or just how complex the average pro play would end up being.

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