xQc Rages After Getting Demolished In Roblox FPS And Roasted By His Chat

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I'm not saying Roblox isn't hard, but xQc is literally a former pro player for Dallas Fuel. Roblox's player base is mostly kids and teens, so it's amusing to see someone of xQc's caliber get steamrolled. It's unclear what game xQc was playing in Roblox, but it's full of potential FPS pros.

Meanwhile, his chat didn't let up on him for barely beating some kids in Roblox. xQc did end up winning the first match (only), but with the lowest K/D, I've ever seen a streamer have. xQc was bragging, but it was more like two kills per death.


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Roblox FPS

Roblox looks pretty hard if even xQc can't even keep up with the kids. What's even better was The entire chat was just roasting xQc with "Mickey Mouse Aim" and "So many excuses!" It's probably the funniest stream I've ever seen, and I'm glad I have the clip.


xQc tried to make fun of the kids, but the chat wouldn't have it. Some of my favorites were:

"They're 5 years old."
"Bullying preschoolers smh."
"I think my daughter shot you."
"Lost to a 9 year old."
"They cut w/ scissors better than you shoot!"

xQc, of course, ended up losing the second game. I took a screenshot of his face when he realized he didn't win.


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If nothing else, the next generations of FPS players look pretty hardcore. Multiple times, xQc was blown away by the other players; I've never seen anything like it.