Xeno Online 3 codes (March 2023) - Free spins and more

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Xeno Online 3 codes
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March 24, 2023: We've updated our list of new Xeno Online 3 codes.

At long last, Xeno Studios has released its new Roblox game, making the latest Xeno Online 3 codes well worth seeking out. As always, we're doing the hard work for you, keeping up with the game's events and social media posts to bring you every new, working, and expired code for Xeno Online 3 down below. Read on for freebies.


As we do with most code guides we handle here, you'll find not only a simple list of working codes for the game in question down below, but instructions on how to use them, when to expect more codes to drop, and where you can go to find new ones potentially before we do. That's if you're ok with largely bogus notifications from the game's developers, of course.

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New Xeno Online 3 codes (March 2023)

  • GOODBYEXENO - 500 spins (NEW)
  • Hanma - 90 spins
  • Broly - 75 spins
  • BUGFIXES - 90 spins

The following Xeno Online 3 codes were last checked and confirmed expired on March 24, 2023.

Expired codes:

  • No Xeno Online 3 codes have expired just yet.
The Xeno Online 3 codes box.

How to use Xeno Online 3 codes

  • Launch the game.
  • Hit the Reroll menu option.
  • Enter any Xeno Online 3 codes into the bottom-left box.
  • Use your spins from the same screen.
  • Tap LEAVE to go back to the game.

You won't find an in-game code spot for Xeno Online 3 codes just yet. That may change in the future, but the current method of redeeming codes in Xeno Online 3 means going back to the game's main menu.

There, you'll find a reroll menu option. It's the second choice. Tap into there and enter any working Xeno Online 3 codes in the box in the bottom-left area of the screen.

Because they're likely reroll codes, you can reroll from that screen with ease. Just tap the Leave button to be taken back to the main screen, then select Play again to carry on with your session.


Want to play what came before? We have Xeno Online 2 codes, too.

How do I get more Xeno Online 3 codes?

Xeno Online 3 codes are distributed mainly through the game's Twitter and YouTube accounts. Post-launch, a code is promised for when the YouTube channel gets 7.5k subs. It's set to award a 75 rerolls code when that happens, and while we'll list it here when it drops, only subs will make it happen.

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