Tapping Masters codes (April 2023) - Free rewards for Update 2

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Roblox Tapping Masters cover

Roblox Tapping Masters codes will help you get a quick start when you finally get in there for yourself. Being an important way of getting some extra gems, this is everything you need to know from how many there are and how to redeem them.

Tapping Masters is a new Roblox game from Bitmath Club. It released in early March and enjoyed two major updates in its first month, featuring new eggs, pet, mechanics, worlds, rebirths, and a lot more.

Tapping Masters codes (April 2023)

Here are all the latest Tapping Masters codes you can use in the Roblox game:

  • Relics - One of every boost
  • 100K - One of every boost
  • Magic - One of every boost
  • 1kLikes - One of every boost
  • RELEASE - One of every boost
  • HYPE - One of every boost

Expired codes

  • No Tapping Masters codes have expired just yet.

How to redeem codes in Tapping Masters

If you're looking to redeem Roblox Tapping Masters codes, you simply have to boot up the game and hit the Twitter icon on screen. You can access the game from this link.

Once you are in there, just look at the Twitter icon on-screen. From here, copy and paste any of the working codes from above. Don't write them in as this may result in small grammatical errors.

We check over our codes regularly so if one doesn't work, leave it a day or two and we will check over them.

What is Tapping Masters?

Roblox Tapping Masters is game about exploring new worlds, using taps to get upgrades and unlock new pets.

It uses gacha mechanics to give you a random chance at getting something super rare, but the codes will help you get through them a bit quicker.

The name of the game actually matches one from Authentic Creations. This new (and more popular) Tapping Masters comes from Bitmath Club.

Tapping Masters FAQ

  • How do I get gems?
    • There is a 1% chance to get gems by clicking. You can buy the "gem chance upgrade"gamepass to increase this.
  • Do boosts stack?
    • Yup. Boosts, gamepasses, and potions all stack.
  • What do secret pets do?
    • Secret pets apply a multiplier to your Rebirths.
  • Are there any hidden codes?
    • Not yet, but that might change. Rest assured, we'll list any hidden codes here when they're found.
  • How do multiplier gifts work
    • If, for example, your stats menu says you have 1N Click Multiplier/Get 1N per click, you will receive 250N clicks with a multiplier gift.

Tapping Masters patch notes

Tapping Masters UPD 2 patch notes

Update 2! [04/01/2023]
- :sparkles: Relics!
- :Stonks: Relic Levels! [Crafting Tiers!]
- 🌟 5 New Relics!
- 🟒 Relics Placement!
- 🏑 Abillity To Place Your Relics At Spawn [Old ??? Circle]
- πŸ€— You Can Work With Your Friends/Ask Best Players To Place a better relic than u or a better one!
- 🏘️ Placing Your Relics Is Server-Visible, so anyone can place a relic in your server for everyone to have the same boost, its not just one-player visible thing, if you understood, more info on our discord server!
- πŸ”₯ Relics Upgrader!
- πŸŽ’ Relics Inventory!
- πŸ—ΊοΈ Adventure Mode!
- 🐢 Send Your Pets On a Adventure!
- 🌎 4 Different Pet Adventure Worlds!
- πŸŽ‡ Crafting Tier Upgrades For Relics!
- ⚑ 3 New Crafting Tiers For Relics!
- πŸ‡ Pet Power Leaderboard!
- 🐱 Pet Power Stat In Stats Section!
- 🫑 Release Exclusive Pets Removed From Shop Forever, you can only get them by trading now!
- πŸŽ‰ Small 100K Event! Thank You For 100K Visits!
- ⭐ New Exclusive Robux Egg In Shop!
- πŸ₯š2 New Eggs! (100K Egg, Located in Magic World & at Spawn and Exclusive Egg In Shop!)
- 🐾 15 New Pets!
- πŸ§ͺ Abillity To Buy Boosts With Tokens!
- πŸ’° 1 New Gamepass!
- πŸ“₯ 1 New Upgrade! (Auto-Collect Chest!)
- πŸ“ˆ More Upgrades!
- ♻️ 5 New Rebirth Buttons!
- πŸŽ‡ Leaderboard Pets Awarded To The Top 25 People, Congrats!
- πŸ“° 2 New Codes!
- ⭐ Fixed Mastery Prices!
- βš’οΈ Optimization & Improvements!
- ✏️ Some QOL Improvements!
- πŸ› Bug Fixes!
- βš’οΈ Other Smaller Changes!
- πŸ’» Anti-AFK!
- 🐰 King Bunny now has a Rebirth Multiplier!

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