Slayers Unleashed codes - free rolls and boosts for V0.78 (November 2022)

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Image of an anime character in Slayers Unleashed.
November 25, 2022: Once you've redeemed the new Slayers Unleashed codes, why not check out the Project Slayers codes and Project Slayers clan tier list?

The latest slayers unleashed codes can keep you mowing down demons until the cows come home. It's a deeply rewarding experience for those into PvE and PvP combat. Updates come virtually every night as well, meaning there's always something new to work toward and a whole new way to prove you're the best.


By redeeming the latest Slayers Unleashed codes, you can get free rerolls to swap out stats, breathing styles, demon arts, your race, clan, and more. By building the perfect character, you'll be able to beat the best and become the greatest Demon (or Slayer) around.

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Roblox has plenty of other anime-inspired games to play, and we can get you all caught up in them, too. If you need a change of pace, check out our pages on Project Slayers codes and Shindo Life codes for more free rolls and items. We've also got some overall Roblox codes for extra cosmetic items.

New Slayers Unleashed codes (November 2022)

  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset1 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset2 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset3 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset4 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset5 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset6 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset7 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset8 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset9 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupBreathingReset10 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset1 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset2 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset3 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset4 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset5 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset6 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset7 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtResey8 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset9 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupDemonArtReset10 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll1 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll2 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll3 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll4 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll5 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll6 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll7 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll8 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll9 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupClanReroll10 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll1 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll2 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll3 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll4 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll5 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll6 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll7 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll8 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll9 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupRaceReroll10 - Race Reroll
  • ;code MakeupMarkReroll1 - Mark Reroll
  • ;code MakeupMarkReroll2 - Mark Reroll
  • ;code MakeupMarkReroll3 - Mark Reroll
  • ;code MakeupMarkReroll4 - Mark Reroll
  • ;code MakeupMarkReroll5 - Mark Reroll
  • ;code MakeupExpBoost - EXP Boost
  • ;code MakeupStatReset - Stat Reset
  • ;code FillerBreathingReset1 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code FillerBreathingReset2- Breathing Reroll
  • ;code FillerBreathingReset3 - Breathing Reroll
  • ;code FillerDemonArtReset1 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code FillerDemonArtReset2 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code FillerDemonArtReset3 - Demon Art Reroll
  • ;code FillerClanReroll1 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code FillerClanReroll2 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code FillerClanReroll3 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code FillerClanReroll4 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code FillerClanReroll5 - Clan Reroll
  • ;code FillerRaceReroll1 - Race Reroll
  • ;code FillerRaceReroll2 - Race Reroll
  • ;code FillerRaceReroll3 - Race Reroll
  • ;code FillerRaceReroll4 - Race Reroll
  • ;code FillerRaceReroll5 - Race Reroll

How do I use Slayers Unleashed codes?

  • On PC/Mobile, in the chat box, type ";code" followed by the code you want to use and send the message. (for example ";code subtoSU1" for a Slayer Mark roll)
  • On Xbox, use R2 to open up the code menu, type the code into the box (without the ;code tag), and hit R2 again to redeem.

You must type ";code" followed by a space in the chat box before typing Slayers Unleashed codes in.


Redeeming a working code will blurt the text command out like a chat bubble. At the same time, you should see a small string of text around the bottom half of your character telling you what was changed if the code worked.

How to get more rolls using the radial menu and Robux in Slayers Unleashed.

How do I get more rolls in Slayers Unleashed?

If you've used up all your Slayers Unleashed codes and still don't have the build you want or need, there is another way: Robux!

By clicking on the various reroll buttons on the Character Customization screen on the bottom-left during gameplay, you can spend 99 Robux to reroll your race or power.

Another way to do it is by opening the radial menu (hold M) and selecting the top-left option. You can spend Robux on emotes here, but the last three options will let you spend to reroll your race, power, and stats in that order.

Another way is to just wait on more codes. Stacks of new codes hit with each update (roughly every weekend). So if you're feeling lucky, save that cash and just wait for another big code drop.


How can I get more Slayers Unleashed freebies?

Struggling with the current drought of Slayers Unleashed codes? If you're in desperate need of rolls, you may not need to wait for the next code drop. The Slayers Unleashed team hosts weekly giveaways on the game's Discord server. Though the occasional Discord Nitro sub prize won't help you become a better demon slayer, there are sometimes free Robux up for grabs.

An image showing a player entering a Slayers Unleashed code into the chat box of the game.

How do I play Slayers Unleased?

To play Slayers Unleashed, open up Roblox on your phone, tablet, or PC. As soon as the game directory loads up, click on the search bar at the top of the page. Type "Slayers Unleashed" here and press 'Enter'.

Click on the first result to be taken to the Slayers Unleashed page. From there, just hit the big 'Play' button and you'll be condemned to the life of a demon slayer.

Before you drop into the open world, you may want to customize your currently naked character. Select the second option from the main menu and use the arrows and colour wheels to make the character you want to play as.

Your current race and powers are visible on this screen. Though you can reroll both here, you'll have to use Robux to do so.

A visual representation of what EXP Slayers Unleashed codes do in-game.

What do the Slayers Unleashed EXP boost codes do?

Slayers Unleashed is an RPG, and like most other RPGs, that means leveling up is a key part of the experience. To speed things along, you might want to use Slayers Unleashed EXP Boost codes. Once activated, they typically increase the EXP you gain from regular tasks for around 15 minutes.

Unlike reroll codes, EXP boost codes are pretty rare. If you can't make use of the entire 15-minute duration, you're better off saving them for what you can. Use them as soon as you reach your grinding spot and get killing for the biggest EXP gains.

And that's it for Slayers Unleashed codes right now. It's one of the most generous Roblox games around when it comes to codes, so you won't have to wait long before you'll have more to redeem - check back often! For more games we recommend, Anime Punching Simulator codes, Anime Clicker codes, and Weapon Fighting Simulator codes are all the rage right now.