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Slayers Unleashed Codes - Free Rerolls and More

Slayers Unleashed codes can keep you mowing down demons until the cows come home. Modeled after the hit Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba anime, Slayers Unleashed is a Roblox experience that enables players to do exactly that: slay demons.

By redeeming the latest Slayers Unleashed codes, you can get free rerolls to swap out attributes and elements of your character like Race and Power and even reset your skill points. By building the perfect character this way, you'll be able to climb the leaderboards and become the best Demon Slayer around.

Getting a little bored with Slayers Unleashed? Roblox has plenty of other anime-inspired games to play, and we can get you all caught up in them, too. If you need a change of pace, check out our pages on Anime Fighting Simulator codes, Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes, and Shindo Life codes for more free rolls and items. If you want something totally different, our Coin Master free spins page offers just that. Lastly, if you're looking to jump into the newest Demon Slayer Roblox game, these Demonfall codes will help you get started.

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The Latest Slayers Unleashed Codes

The following codes were last checked and confirmed active and working on August 2, 2021.

Active Codes:

  • ;code SuBreathe1 - breathing style reroll (New!)
  • ;code SuBreathe2 - breathing style reroll (New!)
  • ;code SuBreath3 - breathing style reroll (New!)
  • ;code SuBreath4 - breathing style reroll (New!)
  • ;code SuDemon1 - demon art reroll (New!)
  • ;code SuDemon2 - demon art reroll (New!)
  • ;code SuDemon3 - demon art reroll (New!)
  • ;code SuDemon4 - demon art reroll (New!)
  • ;code NRll1 - Nichirin colour reroll (New!)
  • ;code NRll2 - Nichirin colour reroll (New!)
  • ;code NRll3 - Nichirin colour reroll (New!)
  • ;code NRII4 - Nichirin colour reroll (New!)
  • ;code ClnR1 - clan reroll (New!)
  • ;code ClnR2 - clan reroll (New!)
  • ;code ClnR3 - clan reroll (New!)
  • ;code R4ceRoll1 - race reroll (New!)
  • ;code R4ceRoll2 - race reroll (New!)
  • ;code R4ceRoll3 - race reroll (New!)
  • ;code R4ceRoll4 - race reroll (New!)
  • ;code V.24BreathingRoll - rerolls breathing
  • ;code BreathingRoll24 - rerolls breathing
  • ;code DemonRollz24 - rerolls demon art
  • ;code DemonRollzV24 - rerolls demon art
  • ;code NichirerollV24 - rerolls Nichrin colour
  • ;code NichiReroll242 - rerolls Nichrin colour
  • ;code ClanRollV24 - rerolls clan
  • ;code racecreller1 - rerolls race
  • ;code raceroller2 - rerolls race
  • ;code V.221DemonRoll - rerolls demon art
  • ;code V.221ClanReroll - rerolls clan
  • ;code V.221BreatheRoll - rerolls breathing
  • ;code droprateb00st - Drop rate increase
  • ;code NichirinTweet - Nichirin colour reroll
  • ;code REROLLBREATH23 - Rerolls breathing
  • ;code R-BREATH23! - Rerolls breathing
  • ;code REROLLDEMONART23 - Rerolls demon art
  • ;code R-DEMON23 - Rerolls demon art
  • ;code FixedStatReset! - Rerolls stats
  • ;code NRoll1 - Nichirin reroll
  • ;code NRoll2 - Nichirin reroll
  • ;code ClanzUp - rerolls clan
  • ;code ClanzUp2 - rerolls clan
  • ;code RACERZZROLL - rerolls race

The following codes were last checked and recently confirmed inactive and expired on August 2, 2021.

Expired Codes:

  • ;code 115kLikesClan
  • ;code RuiClanRoll1
  • ;code RuiClanRoll2
  • ;code RuiClanRoll3
  • ;code RuiClanRoll4
  • ;code 115kLikesDemon
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll1
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll2
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll3
  • ;code RuiDemonRoll4
  • ;code 115kLikesBreathing
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll1
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll2
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll3
  • ;code RuiBreathingRoll4
  • ;code 115kLikesRace
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll1
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll2
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll3
  • ;code RuiRaceRoll4
  • ;code RuiStatReset!
  • ;code ResetStats!
  • ;code CoolBreathingRerollg
  • ;code CoolBreathingReroll2
  • ;code CoolDemonArtReroll
  • ;code CoolDemonArtReroll2
  • ;code CoolRaceRoll
  • ;code CoolRaceRoll2
  • ;code CoolClanRollz
  • ;code CoolClanRollz2
  • ;code 0.17BreathingReroll
  • ;code 0.17BreathingReroll2
  • ;code 0.17DemonArtReroll
  • ;code 0.17DemonArtReroll2
  • ;code 0.17RaceRoll
  • ;code 0.17RaceRoll2
  • ;code 0.17ClanRollz
  • ;code 0.17ClanRollz2
  • ;code Ver016Race
  • ;code ResetMyRace
  • ;code RaceRoller
  • ;code Ver016Breathing
  • ;code ResetMyBreathing
  • ;code BreathingRoller
  • ;code Ver016Art
  • ;code ResetMyArt
  • ;code ArtRoller
  • ;code ClanRolla
  • ;code ClanRolla2
  • ;code ClanRollzz
  • ;code RerollClan
  • ;code StatBoiz
  • ;code ClanRerollSU
  • ;code Ver015Race
  • ;code Zen15
  • ;code Vane15
  • ;code 15PowerRoll
  • ;code PowerPuncher
  • ;code SupaP
  • ;code 015StatReset
  • ;code Statup
  • ;code 015ClanRoll
  • ;code SlayersClanRoll
  • ;code FollowCaleb
  • ;code 100KClan1
  • ;code 100KClan2
  • ;code 100KClan3
  • ;code 100KClan4
  • ;code 100KClan5
  • ;code 100KClan6
  • ;code 100KRace1
  • ;code 100KRace2
  • ;code 100KRace3
  • ;code 100KRace4
  • ;code 100KRace5
  • ;code 100KRace6
  • ;code 100KPower1
  • ;code 100KPower2
  • ;code 100KPower3
  • ;code 100KPower4
  • ;code 100KPower5
  • ;code 100KPower6
  • ;code 100KStat1
  • ;code 100KStat2
  • ;code RRoll1
  • ;code RRoll2
  • ;code Sub2Zenokei
  • ;code PointsReset
  • ;code PRoll1
  • ;code PRoll2
  • ;code PRoll3
  • ;code PRoll4
  • ;code FollowData
  • ;code FollowZeno
  • ;code 90KRace
  • ;code 90KPower
  • ;code 10milReset

How Do I Play Slayers Unleased?

To play Slayers Unleashed, open up Roblox on your phone, tablet, or PC. As soon as the game directory loads up, click on the search bar at the top of the page. Type "Slayers Unleashed" here and press 'Enter'.

Click on the first result to be taken to the Slayers Unleashed page. From there, just hit the big 'Play' button and you'll be condemned to the life of a demon slayer.

Before you drop into the open world, you may want to customize your currently naked character. Select the second option from the main menu and use the arrows and colour wheels to make the character you want to play as.

Your current race and powers are visible on this screen. Though you can reroll both here, you'll have to use Robux to do so.

An image showing a player entering a Slayers Unleashed code into the chat box of the game.
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How Do I Use Slayers Unleashed Codes in Roblox?


How you use codes differs with each Roblox experience. Although you'll see options to reroll powers, points, and your race in a similar screen in Slayers Unleashed, you won't be able to use your codes there at all.

Instead, using Slayers Unleashed codes is a multi-step process. First and foremost, you need to join the Slayers Unleashed Group with the same account you use to actually play the game.

Once you've done that, you need to launch the game and hit 'Play'. When you load into the open world, it's simply a matter of typing the code you want to use into the chatbox. Send the message and the result will happen automatically.

Text somewhere around your character will tell you your new race, power, or say that your points have been reset depending on the code you use.

Unlike other Roblox experiences, you can't store rolls to use all at once in Slayers Unleashed. As soon as you use a code, the roll will be used as well.

How to get more rolls using the radial menu and Robux in Slayers Unleashed.
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How Do I Get More Rolls in Slayers Unleashed?


If you've used up all your Slayers Unleashed codes and still don't have the build you want or need, there is another way: Robux!

By clicking on the various reroll buttons on the Character Customization screen on the bottom-left during gameplay, you can spend 99 Robux to reroll your race or power.

Another way to do it is by opening the radial menu (hold M) and selecting the top-left option.

You can spend Robux on emotes here, but the last three options will let you spend to reroll your race, power, and stats in that order.

Another way is to just wait on more codes. Stacks of new codes hit with each update (roughly every weekend). So if you're feeling lucky, save that cash and just wait for another big code drop.

Do Slayers Unleashed Codes Expire?

Slayers Unleashed codes typically expire whenever a new version comes out, but a stack of new codes typically arrive a few hours later as well. The codes themselves sometimes include the version number, so you'll know exactly which codes are up to date. Just look at the version number in the bottom-right of the screen to make sure.

Should I Reroll Race or Power First In Slayers Unleashed?

Whenever the developer releases new Slayers Unleashed codes, they actually urge players to first reroll their race before rerolling powers.

Current players will know exactly why, but it basically boils down to ensuring you don't end up with both a Demon and Breathing trait at the same time.

If you're in need of more codes, best check out our Roblox guides hub for free goodies and more.