Shattered Psycho Online codes (January 2023) - Free spins and more

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January 25, 2023: A bunch of new SPO codes have landed.

Using the latest and greatest Shattered Psycho Online codes will get you ahead of the curve. This brand-new Roblox title released at the tail-end of 2022, and with player numbers creeping up, anyone who got in on the ground floor can stay ahead with any new codes that drop.


With the Mob Psycho anime having just ended, it's about time for all the Roblox games based on just that to arrive. The platform thrives on experiences based on hit shows, with Naruto, One Piece, and Demon Slayer fan-games all seeing great success.

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New Shattered Psycho Online codes (January 2023)

  • HateMidterms!
  • 500kVisits! - 5 Common spins, 3 Uncommon Spins
  • 4kLikes! - 7 Race Spins, 2 Uncommon Spins
  • ABigCodeForNoReason!

The following codes for Shattered Psycho Online were last checked and confirmed expired on January 25, 2023:

Expired SPO codes

Update2! - 4 Race Spins, 7 Common Spins, 4 Uncommon Spins SpReset! - (Resets stat points) Monkey! - 3 Race Spins, 5 Common Spins, 2 Uncommon Spins

  • 1k Players!
  • Sorry for Bugs
  • 40k Visits
  • 75k Visits
  • SpReset2
  • YayRaceSpins
  • 5k Visits!
  • FinallyASpResetCode
  • 10k Visits
  • DeviousFixes!
  • 1k Members O:
  • 100Likes!
  • BugFix1!
  • RockyRelease!
  • Release!
  • TesterTest2
A graphic showing how to redeem Shattered Psycho Online codes.

How to use Shattered Psycho Online codes

You actually can't use Shattered Psycho Online codes once you have control of your character. You won't find the usual Twitter icon button anywhere on the screen at launch.


Instead, you can redeem any codes for SPO by launching the game and sitting on the main menu. You'll see a codes box on both the left and right, with the left being for SPO private server codes, and the right being for spins codes like the ones listed above.

What's the Shattered Psycho Online game link?

If you're struggling to find the game through the Roblox search bar, just click through to the Shattered Psycho Online game page link here.

Is there a Shattered Psycho Online Trello link?

There sure is! The funny thing is, though, it's not hosted in the Trello channel of the game's Discord channel. Instead, you'll find it in the Links channel. Or you can just click this Shattered Psycho Online Trello link instead. That's much easier, isn't it?

What's the Shattered Psycho Online Discord link?

Though you can easily find the game's Discord link on the Roblox game page, you can click this Shattered Psycho Online Discord link to sneak your way in, too. You'll find things like SPO patch notes, explainers, and leaks there.


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