Roblox Dad Helps Daughter Get Lost Adopt Me Pets Back

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Kratos' head on a Roblox character, in reference to the father helping his daughter on Adopt Me.

For many people over the age of fifteen, Roblox is a game that represents a bit of a conundrum.

John Lennon once said that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus and Roblox holds a similar, if not larger, level of popularity among the kids of today. Many of its multitude of spin-off games boast audiences the size of some fully-fledged AAA games.

One of these spin-off games, Adopt Me, is based around adopting, raising and dressing up cute pets, exactly the kind of thing that appeals to kids who should really be playing terrible flash games on a school computer instead.

Roblox Dad Helps Daughter Get Pets Back

However, what would you, as a father, do if one day your daughter came to see you crying that she’d somehow accidentally given away all of her Adopt Me pets?

Well, if you’re @AndyNicolaides, the dad featured in the Twitter thread below, the answer is that you’ll promise to get them all back in order to calm her down.

Faced with this gargantuan task and with a child’s hopes and dreams on the line, many parents would have crumbled under the pressure, but instead, Andy took to Twitter to find people who could help him in his quest.

“Thankfully she said she only needs her two ‘best friends’ back if I can.” said Andy in his post, adding: “A Sasquatch and a crab pet. I don’t think these are all that hard to get but I’ve no idea really what I need to do to get them.”

Luckily, Andy quickly managed to acquire a little sasquatch, though the crab proved trickier to find, despite the best efforts of other parents to help out with their own limited knowledge of the game.

Thankfully, it looks like Andy was finally able to get his daughter an elusive crab, possibly with help from another parent in Twitter user @LukeYeandle, who replied to the post saying: “I play Roblox with my kids and enjoy a bit of Adopt Me. I have a few pets you can have, including a Sasquatch and a crab, just not the Goldhorn, he’s my legendary lol.”

Another Twitter user, @Jim_Crikey, speculated that Andy’s daughter may have fallen victim to a ruse, saying: “Sounds like your daughter did something called a ‘trust trade’, which is almost always a scam. If that's what happened, gently warn her not to do one again.”

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