Ro-Punch Man Codes - Free Spins and More

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January 6, 2022: We checked for new Ro-Punch Man codes.

Although new Ro-Punch Man codes probably won't arrive for a good long while yet, previously released codes are all still very much alive. So if you've ever watched an episode of One-Punch Man and thought "This would make a great Roblox game," get using these codes.

Hailing from Boss Studios, which currently handles One Piece Millennium 3, you only need to look at its current Roblox games to know that this is a special game indeed. Get in early and the latest Ro-Punch Man codes are certain to ensure you stay at the top of the tables.

With the game being a little quiet at the moment, it's worth thinking about a few others to play as well? We have codes for the latest and greatest; from Slayers Unleashed and Shindo Life to Blox Fruits, King Legacy, and the unbeatable Pet Simulator X. And if you're looking for something to grind on your phone while you play on your PC or Xbox, our Coin Master free spins page can help.

All Working Ro-Punch Man Codes

  • BonusCode! - 25k Yen
  • 3500LIKES! - 50k Yes
  • 2KLIKES! - 100k Yen
  • R3L3AS3! - 10 stat points
  • Sub2Ghost! - 5k Yen

The latest codes were last checked and confirmed inactive and expired on January 7, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • SinIsHappy!
The Twitter code box in Ro-Punch Man where you redeem codes.
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How Do I Redeem Ro-Punch Man Codes?

To redeem Ro-Punch Man codes and claim your free stat points and yen, all you need to do is enter the listed active codes in the Twitter Codes box on the game's start screen. Hit redeem and, if accepted, the rewards will be with your character as you enter the game.

This does mean that you'll need to close and reopen the game whenever you want to put a new code in. Thankfully, many of these are simply Yen codes, so you can put them all in before starting the game and not really need to worry about closing and reopening it for each individual one.

When Will New Ro-Punch Man Codes Drop?

Given the game is no longer in active development, it's safe to assume no new Ro-Punch Man codes are forthcoming.

How Do I Play Ro-Punch Man?

At one point, all you had to do to play Ro-Punch Man was hop over to the Ro-Punch Man game page, log in to your Roblox account, and hit the big 'Play' button. Right now, however, the game has gone private. This either means its back in a testing phase while a select few players experience forthcoming updates, or the developers have shut the game down and taken it offline

Is Ro-Punch Man On Mobile?

Announced alongside the Ro-Punch Man release date, it was confirmed that the game will be playable on mobile as well. In fact, they used the recent Roblox outages that delayed the game's release to make the mobile version even better.

Is Ro-Punch Man Dead?

Given the game hasn't seen a single meaningful update since it launched a few months ago, it's safe to assume that Ro-Punch Man is dead. Developer TheBossinnicar1 hasn't confirmed or denied it, but they have been tweeting about their progress on other upcoming games like Millennium Remastered and Tower Defense: Shinobi instead. The former is seeing a lot of love from them now that it has released. So if you liked Ro-Punch Man, go there to experience their newest project.

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