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Ro-Punch Man Codes - Free Spins and More

Ever watched an episode of One-Punch Man and thought "I'd like to do that...in Roblox?" Well now's your chance, as Ro-Punch Man is on the horizon. Coming from Boss Studios, which currently handles and distributes One Piece Millennium 3 codes, you only need to look at its current Roblox games to know that what's coming has the potential to be very special indeed. Get in early and the latest Ro-Punch Man codes are certain to ensure you stay at the top of the tables.

With the game now officially out and released, Ro-Punch Man codes are here as well. They're sparse as the minute, being just Yen codes and some additional stat points to get you started, but these will put new players at a slight advantage for the time being. More codes are on the way, but it's best to make use of the current set in case new ones cause the old Ro-Punch Man codes to expire.

Before the time comes to start using and wishing for more Ro-Punch Man codes, why not pass the time by using some in other Roblox titles? The latest Demonfall codes, Funky Friday codes, and Pet Swarm codes will all give you a flying start in drastically different games. Just like to get ripped and fight other players? Our King Legacy codes, Project XL codes, and Strongman Simulator codes can all help there as well.

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The Latest Ro-Punch Man Codes

The latest codes were last checked and confirmed active and working on July 29, 2021.

Active Codes:

  • BonusCode! - 25k Yen (NEW!)
  • 3500LIKES! - 50k Yes (NEW!)
  • 2KLIKES! - 100k Yen (NEW!)
  • R3L3AS3! - 10 stat points (NEW!)
  • Sub2Ghost! - 5k Yen (NEW!)
  • SinIsHappy! - 25k Yen (NEW!)

The latest codes were last checked and confirmed inactive and expired on July 29, 2021.

Expired Codes:

  • There are currently no inactive and expired Ro-Punch Man codes.

Disclaimer: There are plenty of other sites and Twitter accounts listing what are claimed to be Ro-Punch Man codes. All of these are incorrect. Ro-Punch Man codes currently do not exist as the game isn't even publically available to play.

Any Ro-Punch Man codes you find or are given (like "ironvalk!" or "HugeUpdate!") appear to be codes from the November 2020 update of the now-deleted game One Punch Man Destiny or the updated version A Hero's Destiny.

How Do I Play Ro-Punch Man?

Before the full release, you had to invite a bunch of friends to the game's Discord channel to get Tester acceess. Now that Ro-Punch Man has launched, all you need to do is hop over to the Ro-Punch Man game page, log into your Roblox account, and hit the big 'Play' button.

Roblox went down several times as the developers tried to release Ro-Punch Man earlier in the week. After a few delays, however, the game has been put out, patched, and is fully playable.

Just a word of warning, though: Roblox went down again shortly after the game released. Until we know Roblox is stable again, there's always the chance you can lose progress in Ro-Punch Man if the servers go down.

The Twitter code box in Ro-Punch Man where you redeem codes.
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How Do I Redeem Ro-Punch Man Codes?

With Ro-Punch Man now out, we know exactly how to redeem Ro-Punch Man codes. To claim your free stat points and yen, all you need to do is enter the listed active codes in the Twitter Codes box on the game's start screen. Hit redeem and, if accepted, the rewards will be with your character as you enter the game.

Will Ro-Punch Man Be on Mobile?

Announced alongside the Ro-Punch Man release date, it was confirmed that the game will be playable on mobile as well. In fact, they used the recent Roblox outages that delayed the game's release to make the mobile version even better.

When Will Ro-Punch Man Codes Drop?

The next Ro-Punch Man code is set to drop sometime after the game reached 3.5k Likes on the Roblox game page. If you haven't given it a Like already, you can do so by visiting the Ro-Punch Man page and hitting the thumbs up icon under the 'Play' Button.