Reaper 3 codes - free race rerolls and Dangai (August 2022)

Image of a superpowered attack move in Reaper 3.

The third instalment of the Iconic Anime Productions' Reaper franchise is officially in development, and with it, we expect to see a host of Reaper 3 codes whenever it eventually launches. The Bleach-inspired competitive Roblox game has been teased on social media ahead of an as of yet unknown release date, but the early signs are promising for Reaper fans out there.

It is understood that Reaper 3 will follow a similar format to that of Reaper 2, one which is inspired by manga and anime, taking aspects of both and combining them to form an incredible RPG adventure. Whether Reaper 3 will be a continuation of Reaper 2 or a brand new story in itself remains to be seen.

Speaking of Reaper 2, we have plenty of content available to keep you entertained in the build-up to the release of Reaper 3, including our overall Roblox codes guide. That's alongside some specific Shindo Life codes and Project Slayers codes for even more fun.

All working Reaper 3 codes

  • Reaper 3 is yet to be released, and therefore there are currently no active codes as the game doesn't actually exist!

The following Reaper 3 codes were last checked and confirmed expired on August 16, 2022.

Expired Codes:

Again, as the game is yet to be released, there are no expired codes. However, we will add all of the expired codes here once we have any change on that front.

When will Reaper 3 be released?

Reaper 3 is still in development, and it is currently unknown when the game will arrive - if at all.

Reaper 2 developer Yakrus recently posted a short clip to his official Twitter account, showcasing some of the work that he has put into the development of what we expect to be his next Roblox release.

There's no saying how far into development the game is already. This could literally be the first piece of the puzzle. But even still, if the game uses many of the ideas and assets of the previous games, it could release in a matter of months if the development team has a proven track record.

The video is likely Yakrus' way of showcasing his newly found development skills that he may have lacked when creating his previous titles, but it spells good news for Reaper fans who are looking forward to the next release.

Where do I find more Reaper 3 codes?

As the game is still in development, there are no codes available for you to go and unlock just yet. But once the game arrives, there are a number of key places to keep tabs on.

Official Twitter and Discord channels for the Reaper franchise are the best place to look, we will add links to those once they have arrived, whilst it is also worth checking the latest news section of the games official launch page. Again, this isn't available just yet.

But as always, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back regularly, as we will keep this up-to-date with all of the latest news ahead of release, as well as adding all of the new codes when the game eventually arrives.

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