Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt egg locations (April 8, 2023)

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A Scavenger Hunt egg in Pet Simulator X.
April 8, 2023: We've added the Scavenger Hunt locations for the PSX Easter 2023 update.

Ready to grab some of the best pets in the hit Roblox game? Knowing the Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt egg locations can help with that. Set in motion alongside the game's shift to weekly updates in early 2023, the weekly PSX Scavenger Hunt event rewards notification squad members with rare event pets every week. If you know where to find them.

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Where to find the Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt eggs - Locations and rewards (April 8, 2023)

You'll find this week's scavenger hunt eggs at the following locations:

  1. Pixel Vault
  2. Steampunk Chest
  3. Doodle Fairyland
The two Scavenger Egg locations for April 1, 2023.
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Previous PSX Scavenger Hunt egg locations

Update First egg location Second egg location Third egg location
Valentines Update (Feb. 11, 2023)Samurai IslandN/AN/A
Daycare Update (Feb. 18, 2023)Haunted IslandCat TaigaAxolotl Cave
Auction Update (Feb 25. 2023)Heaven's GateTech ShopDoodle Cave
Comet Update Mar. 4, 2023)Steampunk ChestCat KingdomLimbo
Kawaii Update (Mar. 17, 2023)Cat ParadiseAxolotl CaveDoodle Woodlands
Alleyway Update (Mar. 25, 2023)Steampunk ChestAxolotl WorldCat Chest
April Fools Update (Apr. 1, 2023)Axolotl ChestCat Chest

Since the feature's introduction in the Valentine's update, the number of eggs released in the Scavenger Hunt has increased from one to three.

PSX Scavenger Hunt countdown

Start time

Scavenger Hunt event begins in


End time

Scavenger Hunt event ends in


You can view the Scavenger Hunt countdown atop the fountain at the spawn shop. If you can't log in, we've included a countdown above that automatically matches your device's clock.

The Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt countdown visible in-game.
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Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt FAQ

How long does the Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt last?

The Pet Simulator X Scavenger Hunt begins 30 minutes after an update every Saturday. But it doesn't stay live for very long.

Once it begins, you'll have around three hours to log in and collect all three eggs before they disappear.

What pets are in the PSX Scavenger Hunt eggs?

Each week, the Scavenger Hunt eggs contain different event pets with the "Companion" skill. Think the Party Cat or Safari Cat.

Why can't I open the Scavenger Hunt eggs?

You can open the Scavenger Hunt eggs just like any other. Just stand by them, look for the interact icon, and click.


If you don't see the interaction icon no matter how close you get, it's reasonable to assume the event is either bugged (it has happened) or a person has climbed on top of the egg, which blocks anyone else from interacting with it.

Though the bug has been fixed before, it still sometimes happens. If you can't make someone move off the egg, log out of the game and back in again to change servers. If you had a friend in the server you just left, you'll automatically join the same one again. Ask them to leave, too.

A PSX Scavenger Hunt egg in the wild.
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What do Scavenger Hunt eggs look like?

Scavenger Hunt eggs look different, but the easiest way to spot them is just by looking for an egg that's out of place. Any other egg will be at the top at the start of an area. Scavenger Hunt eggs will be out in one of the loot areas on it's own.

How many people can open Scavenger Hunt eggs?

Scavenger Hunt eggs can be opened by as many people as possible in the time that they're available. You don't have to race to find them before someone else. So long as you find them within the three-hour window, you'll be able to open them.

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