Pet Simulator X Halloween event - event pets, eggs, and currency

Banner for the Halloween event in Pet Simulator X
November 5, 2022: The Halloween Pet Simulator X event is officially over, but the Cat World update is in to take its place. Check out how to get the Huge Balloon Cat.

Looking for details about the Pet Simulator X Halloween event in Roblox? Well you're in luck! There's some cool stuff happening with this event, and we have all the details in this guide.

This event runs similarly to last year's event, with various currencies, pets and eggs that are available to pick up. There's also Quests that can be completed for some exclusive rewards.

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Pet Simulator X Halloween event

To kick things off, there's a few details to go over with this event. The Halloween candy currency makes a return. They can be earned in any world, just by breaking anything. These candies can also be earned in Hardcore modes, so you can hatch Hardcore Halloween pets.

Next up are the Pets and Eggs. Pumpkin, Eerie and Cursed eggs have returned, so you can can hatch any previous pets from those eggs now for a limited time. Additionally there's Hardcore eggs to get Hardcore Pets.

There are also quests that can be done in Hardcore, which will reward the Pumpkin Cat Hoverboard. You must be in Hardcore to do these quests.

Picture of Huge Reaper in Pet Simulator X
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Pet Simulator X Halloween Pets

As for the pets that you can get this event, as we mentioned you can get some of the previously obtainable pets, as well as some new ones.

You can also pick up Huge pets from the eggs as well. Huge Pumpkin Cat returns, as well as Huge Grim Reaper. Check out our Scary Cat guide since you can also get that pet, Scary Corgi, and Huge variants of them as well!

On top of this, there's Halloween Gifts that can be purchased from the shop, and you get one for free for playing for one hour. There's also Giant Pumpkins around the world that have a TON of candy, so make sure that you're getting to those.

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