Noob Army Tycoon Codes - Free Money and Research Points

Need money and research points? Our Noob Army Tycoon codes list brings together all the game's latest freebies so you don't have to go trawling through Discord or Twitter. We have codes for money, research points, and there's sometimes even the occasional gem code knocking around, too.

As with most idle Roblox games, Noob Army Tycoon is about farming money and research points with noob workers and using those resources to expand your base and army. Once you've got a decent force, you can extend the bridge and attack other players' armies to take their territory. This is why free money and research points are useful, as they help you grow way quicker.

But all Noob Army Tycoon codes expire, so it's important you grab these rewards while you still can. We also check this guide on a regular basis, so if you're afraid of missing out on a potential freebie, be sure to bookmark this page and check back whenever the game is updated.

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Now, without further ado, here's our list of the newest Noob Army Tycoon codes, as well as info on how to redeem them.

All Working Noob Army Tycoon Codes

  • no - 1,000 gems (NEW)
  • Halloween - 5,000 gems (NEW)
  • free3900gems - 3,900 gems
  • free1070gems - 1,070 gems
  • freegunnerskin - 5,000 money, 3,000 gems
  • fusioncoil - 2,500 money, 2,500 research points, and 500 gems
  • dailyrewards - 2,500 money, 2,500 research points, and 250 gems
  • 350gems - 350 gems
  • free moneyyyyy - 1,000 money
  • sdgfjkdfgfgyht654fcgxh89jhy - 2,000 money, 1,000 research points
  • 6UG6mp - 4,000 money, 4,000 research points
  • 6x+27=2-9x - 100 money, 100 research points, and 100 gems
  • good - 2,500 money, 2,500 research points, and 500 gems
  • 1001gems - 1001 gems
  • eAt5R5 - 3,000 money, 3,000 research points
  • skins - 2,500 money, 500 research points, and 500 gems
  • noube - 5,000 money, 1,000 research points, and 500 gems
  • 600gems - 600 gems
  • no0o0ob - 10,000 money, 5,000 research points, and 500 gems
  • 1Million – 10,000 money and 10,000 research points
  • NOOB – 5,000 money and 5,000 research points
  • EQd57f – 2,000 money and 2,000 research points
  • 2G2upS – 2,000 money and 2,000 research points
  • 7Tp6Mz – 2,000 money and 2,000 research points
  • Vk3d5E – 2,000 money and 2,000 research points
  • noob2 – 250 money and 250 research points
  • free research points – 100 research points
  • :) – 100 money and 100 research points
  • lol – 100 money and 100 research points

The following Noob Army Tycoon codes were confirmed as expired on November 24, 2021.

Expired codes:

  • 750gems - 750 gems
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • freeresearchpoints
  • 8Players
  • free gems
  • 100MVisits
  • noob
  • 100KLIKE
  • 10M
  • free money
Two armies of Roblox noobs face off against each other over a field
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What Are Noob Army Tycoon Codes?

Noob Army Tycoon codes are freebies that the developer gives away to players. These rewards often include gold and research points, but sometimes even gems as well. These codes are usually released when the game is updated, so make sure to bookmark our list and check back at a later date for the latest freebies.


How Do I Play Noob Army Tycoon?

To play Noob Army Tycoon, all you need to do is head on over to Roblox. Simply open the official Roblox website and search for the game. This brings up a number of different options, but click on the first result to open the game page. Here you just need to hit the play button to jump into the game. If you scroll lower down the page, you can find links to the official Twitter, Discord group, and even a community Roblox group.

How Do I Redeem My Noob Army Tycoon Code?

To redeem your Noob Army Tycoon code, just follow these steps:

  • Open Noob Army Tycoon
  • Tap the Twitter symbol on the right side of the screen
  • Copy a code from our list into the box
  • Tap redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!
The Noob Army Tycoon code redemption screen and menu
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Where Can I Find More Noob Army Tycoon Codes?

The best places to find more Noob Army Tycoon codes are the official Twitter, Discord server, and the community Roblox group. The first two are very good options for staying up to date with any changes coming to the game while also keeping you in the know on the latest Noob Army Tycoon codes as soon as they land. Roblox groups also generally offer some in-game benefits for joining. In this case, you can expect to net yourself a free noob researcher and a free noob worker for getting involved.

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