Monster Hunt codes (January 2023) - Free tickets, coins, and boosts

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The Monster Hunt Roblox lobby.

On of the newest Roblox games spiking in popularity this month is another simulator-style game, and the latest Monster Hunt codes will help you get up to speed as a new player. Even if you're already experienced with it, they'll help you catch up if you've fallen off the wagon, or speed ahead if you're a die-hard fan.

Down below, we'll do what we can to list out every new and working Monster Hunt Simulator code. We'll even show you exactly how to use them if it isn't clear enough, explain what to expect from them, and even show you how to get more codes before anyone else.


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New Monster Hunt codes (January 2023)

  • sryforbugs
  • MHS
  • MHS1500LIKES

The following Monster Hunt codes were last checked and confirmed expired on January 10, 2023:

Expired codes

  • No Monster Hunt Simulator codes have expired just yet.
The two steps required to redeem Monster Hunt Simulator codes.

How do I use Monster Hunt codes?

  • Launch Monster Hunt on Roblox.
  • Tap the cog icon.
  • In the settings menu, click the codes box.
  • Enter your Monster Hunt codes.

Using Monster Hunt codes is a really simple process. Just launch the game, click the cog icon to get into the settings menu, and enter your new Monster Hunt codes into the box at the bottom. Hit redeem and you'll see what you get listed out at the top.

How to get more Monster Hunt Simulator codes

Need more tickets, coins, and boosts? You'll want to know how to get new Monster Hunt codes then. While most Roblox games dish them out regularly on Twitter and Monster Hunt Discord, this game seems to prefer leaving them on the game page description and the notice board that pops up when you log in.

Of course, we'll be keeping an eye on every source from now on. So unless you're just looking to set up notifications and get them that way, just check back here each day to see if any more Monster Hunt codes have dropped.

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