JackSepticEye And PewDiePie Cheat Their Way To Victory In Roblox Squid Game

The developers of Squid Game have taken over Roblox, making insanely good representations of the show. Red light, green light clones, guessing marbles, and other features from the show have been very popular with kids. Additionally, YouTubers have decided to join in on the fun, but with auto-clickers and Robux.

Felix' PewDiePie' Kjellberg and Seán' JackSepticEye' McLoughlin joined a Roblox Suid Game clone and found it very difficult. When he realized he could buy Robux to stay alive and an auto clicker to win the game, PewDiePie used his real-world money. After a few games, they started pushing kids over in red light green light and blocking their view in other games.

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Roblox Squid Game

I cannot overstate the absurdity of grown men having to cheat to win a kid's game. Nevertheless, it's hilarious to watch them cheat multiple times and almost lose. You can watch it below:

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They aren't the only YouTubers who have gotten into the craze of playing Roblox Squid Game. There are lots of people playing it. However, they are the first I've seen use money and purposefully cause the other contestants to lose in order to win.

Honestly, there needs to be an adult-oriented Squid Game that uses the graphics from Among Us. I would buy it immediately. Roblox's game is so faithful to the show that it's hard to believe it isn't intended for adults. Indie video game developers, please do this!

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