Idle Heroes Simulator codes (October 2023) - free coins and gems

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Beating up a spider with Idle Heroes Simulator codes.
October 23, 2023: We checked for any new Idle Heroes Simulator codes.

Idle Heroes Simulator codes aren't to be mistaken with codes for the very similarly named mobile RPG. Though you can easily play this on the go, it's a Roblox title that's getting a lot of attention right now. So if you're not already playing the block-based clicker game, you're probably barking up the wrong page.

However, if you are here for Idle Heroes Simulator codes, stick around: we have all the Roblox IHS codes you'll ever find here. That's because we constantly check all the new places the developers drop new codes, making it easier for you to grab them and go.

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Idle Heroes Simulator codes (October 2023)

Here are all the working Idle Heroes Simulator codes.

  • No active codes. Next code will be available at 250k!

The following Idle Heroes Simulator codes were last checked and confirmed as expired on October 23, 2023.

  • BOOST200 - All boosts
  • SHINYUPDATE - All boosts
  • FAVORITES100 - 500 coins
  • SLIME100 - Free boost
  • PORTAL50 - Free boost
  • HERO25 - Free gems, coins and boost
  • RELEASE - Free boost

Another new Idle Heroes Simulator code is set to drop when the game hits 250k likes. Check back soon for that one. You all smashed through the 100k one, so it shouldn't take long at all to get another new Idle Heroes Simulator code.

How to use Idle Heroes Simulator codes in Roblox.
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How do I use Idle Heroes Simulator codes?

  • Log into Roblox.
  • Launch Idle Heroes Simulator.
  • Complete the tutorial if you haven't already.
  • Click the Twitter icon.
    • It's the fifth circular button on the left of the screen
  • Enter your Idle Heroes Simulator code
  • Hit redeem

The best thing about learning how to use Idle Heroes Simulator codes is that you won't be annoying anyone else by using them. In some other Roblox games, you type them into the chat, spamming each server as everyone does the same.

With Idle Heroes Simulator codes, however, that's not the case. All you need to do is log in and tap the Twitter icon on the left of the screen. Doing that pulls up a window where you're free to enter any new Idle Heroes Simulator code. Hit redeem, and you get your freebies.

These freebies are worth saving, though. Because they're timed boosts that start automatically, only use IHS codes when you're planning to stay logged in and earn coins. If you use the code and stand around doing nothing, the boost will run dry without you having anything to show for it.

How do I get more Idle Heroes Simulator codes?

If you don't want to wait for us to update the Idle Heroes Simulator codes list, you're free to use our sources. First, you'll want to check out one of the developers on Twitter, @iStaridium. Though they don't post often, what they post is usually a new code or a new game.

Secondly, another developer, Enclamatic, is on Twitter as well. They post even less frequently than the first, though, so don't expect a code from them. You could be waiting a while.

Do note that the Idle Heroes Simulator Discord has been offline for a while now.

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