How to Change Your Roblox Name

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Wondering how to change your Roblox name? If you've been on the Roblox platform for any length of time, then the chances are you're ready to freshen up your profile, and changing your Roblox name is a great way to do that. Your Roblox name is the first thing other players see, and if you've got one that's a bit of a relic of olden times and you want to change it, we're here to help.

This guide to changing your Roblox name details... well, how you can switch up your display name. Bear in mind that your display name and username are two different things, so we've got instructions for both. We'll wrap up by looking at scenarios where you may have to change your Roblox name, such as if it no longer falls within the guidelines.

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Image of the change display name menu on Roblox.
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How Do I Change My Roblox Display Name?

This is how to change your Roblox display name, what other users see when you're in lobbies (but different from your account username).

  • Log into your account and head to the Settings menu.
  • Choose Account Info > Change Display Name.
  • You'll then be asked to type in a brand new Roblox name.
  • Hit Save and refresh your profile, and you should see your new title there.

How Do I Change My Roblox Username?

Changing your Roblox username is a different matter than your display name. This username is what's actually linked to your account, making it a more permanent switch. Here's how to change this one:

  • Head back to the Roblox settings menu.
  • Choose Account Info > Change Username.
  • Type in the new username you want, alongside your password.
  • Press the Buy button to spend the required Robux to change your username.

Yes, you read that right - changing your Roblox username costs Robux. Since this is a bigger deal than just switching out your display name, you have to actually pay for it. For example, all users who check your account can see your previous usernames, and unlike display names, it has to be totally unique to your account.

Can I Change My Roblox Name More Than Once?

The good news is that if you've changed either your Roblox display name or username, you can change them once more. Changing your display name again is a quicker process, and you can do it once every seven days. Additionally, further changes after the initial one are free.

However, changing your overall Roblox username, while still possible, is slightly trickier. If you've already changed your username but want to make another switch, it'll cost more Robux. There's no discernible limit on when you can do it though, but you will have to fork out more cash to do so.

Do I Have To Change My Roblox Name?

Most of the time, Roblox won't force you to change your username. However, if either that or your display name go against their community guidelines, then there is that possibility. As per the official website, if your name goes against their rules based on offensiveness or the use of inappropriate terms, it can be reset to what it was before. Don't expect to get a refund on those Robux you spent, though.

Roblox doesn't change its guidelines that frequently, however, so it's not a situation you're likely to run into anytime soon.

That's everything you need to know about changing your Roblox name! Considering display name and username are two different entities, you'll need to bear in mind the individual process for each one. However, it means you now know how to give your Roblox account a spruce up!

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