Encounters tier list - best champions for competitive

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Encounters tier list best champions for competitive
October 25, 2023: It has still been quiet for the Encounters tier list. No balance updates have been released since January 8, 2022.

The latest Roblox equivalent to Super Smash Bros. is popping off right now, making an Encounters tier list a must-have. It's still too early in the game's life cycle to really decide on a staple best character or meta-defining champion—buffs and nerfs are sure to follow—but the most-used members of the roster can tell us a thing or two about the game's general health and viability as a competitive Roblox experience.

Read on to find out where your favourite champion sits on the Encounters tier list, which champion you may want to try out next, and which you'll absolutely want to steer clear of for the sake of your ranking. Or, if you're feeling brave, take the worst for a spin and see if you can conquer against all odds.

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Encounters tier list - who is the best champion?

Tier Champions
SKusanagi, Pactwo, Fiona
AConstruct, Ryan, Mai, Charlemange, Hamza
BZhao, Don, Seth, Rena, Hana, Senthe
CArash, Gunso, Alina, Poppy
FAloysius, Walter

Rather than dive into the details of who is the best and worse as per the current Encounters tier list, we need to hammer home one key point: picking an S-tier Encounters champion won't guarantee you the win.

Scroll down into the comments of a YouTuber's Encounters tier list and you'll see plenty of people talking about how they disagree with one character's grading because they still haven't lost with them after a dozen fights. That alone goes to show that the best Encounters champion is whichever you happen to be the best with.

Unless there's one character that's imbalanced (which should get patched), it's the case that practice, skill, and timing will always be the biggest deciding factor in a fight.

Though hard and soft counters do exist in this game, a bad Kusanagi will always get trounced by a good Aloysius or Walter. What this Encounters tier list attempts to do is highlight which characters strike a balance between being easy to obtain and simple enough to pick up and play.

Charlemagne ranks high on the Encounters tier list right now.
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How do I unlock more Encounters champions?

Though you start off with the A-tier Construct champion as soon as you start Encounters, you'll soon want to unlock some not-so-generic Encounters champions. Even if you don't plan to main them, toying around with each can help you understand how to counter them with your go-to pick,

Encounters champion unlocks are handled by a gacha system. To unlock more Encounters champions, all you need to do is walk into the Unlock Characters portal in the main lobby area. Maybe check out the View Champions screen first just to check out their skills before you go pulling.

You wouldn't want to go for a character you ultimately may not even like. Once you're ready to unlock one, hit the button with the Diamond icon in the Unlock Characters screen to perform a pull.

Each pull costs 500 Diamonds. Once you're out, you'll want to win fights or wait on log-in bonuses to obtain more. Landing on a champion you already have unlocked will award one Key instead. Once you have five keys, you can exchange these for a high-ranking Encounters tier list character of your choice in the portal to the right.

Which Encounters champion should I play?

With 20 champions all with fundamentally different gameplay styles, choosing an Encounters champion to main can be hard. Playing and testing each one can take a lot of time, but the game's community has banded together to alleviate the time sink.

For alternative rankings, why not ask the most experienced players around? The Encounters Discord server has a dedicated channel where players suggest Encounters champions based on an individual's playstyle. If you need help deciding who to practice, it's the place to be right now.

When will we get more Encounters Champions?

While there's no exact word on when we can expect new Encounters champions to hit the game, a post on the game's Discord has outlined the title's future. On December 16, it was announced that main developer Fruit has signed the game away to a user-generated content company known as Voldex.

Though he'll continue to serve as an advisor on the game, Voldex will handle development going forward, promising not only new champions, but new maps, better controls, gamepad and Xbox support, and other worthwhile content. It's not clear how long it will take for these plans to materialize, but with a proper team behind them, Encounters should have a bright future.

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