Is Deepwoken Free to Play or Paid?

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The Deepwoken logo on a black background.

Is Deepwoken free or a paid Roblox experience? That's the question countless Roblox players will be asking themselves today as the hit game finally launches after a lengthy development period. This seemingly tough-as-nails title is sure to please the more battle-hardened Roblox veterans out there with its roguelike action and challenging combat.

It's easily among the most highly anticipated Roblox games in recent memory, and the fact that it's finally here is cause for lots of celebration. Sadly, not everyone will be able to get in on the action, not until those Robux gift cards roll in at Christmas, at least.

If you're in need of some Roblox freebies, we keep regularly updated lists of the latest Shindo Life codes, Slayers Unleashed codes, and even some Project Hero codes if you're just starting out in that one. We even have a guide to fill you in on whether Deepwoken codes are a thing or not. Now, on with the guide!


Is Deepwoken Free or Paid?

Unfortunately for some, Deepwoken is indeed a paid experience. That means you can't simply head on over to its Roblox page and start playing without first spending some Robux. Thankfully, the game itself is pretty cheap, coming in at just 400 Robux, which is around five bucks. With Christmas just around the corner, fingers crossed that you land a gift card.

How Do I Play Deepwoken for Free?

If you want to play Deepwoken for free, your only option is to enter a giveaway. Luckily for you, Zenokei is currently running one from their Twitter account. All you need to do is drop your own created Roblox shirt in the replies, set the price to 1k Robux, and there's a chance you'll soon have the requesite funds to buy Deepwoken. Good luck!

You'll find more Deepwoken info over on the game's Discord and Trello board.