Critical Legends Tier List - Best Class

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Screenshot from Critical Legends.
April 19, 2022: This time, we didn't need to make changes to our Critical Legends tier list.

Critical Legends is one of the deepest combat-based RPGs on the Roblox platform, so our Critical Legends tier list will help you make sense of the available options. Rather than opting for a range of playable characters, it's your choice of class that augments the Critical Legends experience, so you'll want to know the best class before you put too much time into honing your skills.


Our Critical Legends best class tier list will go through all the available classes and their variants, ranking them by their relative power and effectiveness in battle. We'll also explain how you get new classes to change your character's strengths and weaknesses, as well as going over the reroll process.

Table of Contents

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Critical Legends Best Class Tier List

Ranking Class
SStar Slayer, Reality Breaker, Chaotic Defender, Timer Warden, Hands of Hope, Shotgun of Imagination, Void King, King Slime, Luna, Void Scythe, Immortal Sword, Book of Wish
AOcean's Blade, Golden Bow, Heart Shield, Nature's Staff, Holy Sword, Bandite Guns, Awakened Dragon Brawler, King, Blue Slime, Solar Eclipse Great Sword, Scythe, Venom Katana, Fire and Ice, Martial Artists, Martial Artist T2
BLongsword, Longbow, Flame Shield, Hex Staff, Priest Staff, Dual Guns, Valkyrie Over Heaven, Dragon Brawler, Master Programmer, Apple Tree, Void Tiki, Purple Slime, Solar Great Sword, Void Katana, Venom Dagger, Powerful Spellbook
CCombo Sword, Hunter's Marksman, Starter Shield, Apprentice Staff, Staff of Healing, Gun, Valkyrie Spear, Boxer, Programmer, Apple Collector, Tiki, Green Slime, Great Sword, Katana, Spellbook

The following is a breakdown of all available classes in Critical Legends, as well as their varying degrees of effectiveness. Each class tends to have four variants, increasing in damage or potency. This info comes straight from the Critical Legends Trello, so it's as up-to-date as it gets and completely official as-per the game's designers.

Screenshot from Critical Legends, showing a Roblox character wielding a glowing red sword

What Is The Best Critical Legends Class?

As you can tell from our tier list, there are some Critical Legends classes that tower above the rest. These are generally the fourth form of the base classes, including Mages, Shields, Bows, and Swords. The first incarnations of these classes are rather meagre in battle, but as you level them up you can get to some of the S-tier classes.


If we had to pick just one Critical Legends class to use, then the final form of the Sword class, the Star Slayer, is likely the one to go for. You can only get it by having the A-tier sword (Ocean's Blade) and upgrading it with a Star Fragment. This is worth it, though, as the damage stats are boosted.

Of course, the best Critical Legends class will depend on your preferred combat strategy. If you prefer as ranged or support, we recommend opting for the Reality Breaker bow class or the Chaotic Defender shield class. These are again the final-tier levels of these classes, so it will take some grinding, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

How Do I Get More Critical Legends Classes?

Levelling up your classes on Critical Legends is no easy feat, and it'll require quite a lot of grinding. Reaching the top-tier classes involves climbing the ladder, starting with the base sword, for example, and gradually upgrading its strength.

To get Critical Legends classes, there's a range of consumable items you need to find. These range from fragments to urns to keys, and each can be used to upgrade one individual class. Therefore, you need to find, or purchase, a lot of them to get all of your classes to a respectable level. The entire range of items needed to get new classes is as follows:

  • Mystical Urn
  • Star Fragment
  • Time Fragment
  • Reality Fragment
  • Chaos Fragment
  • Hope Fragment
  • Imagination Fragment
  • Spirit Key
  • Flesh Key
  • Elemental Key
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Strange Disc
  • Bag of Gold
  • Apple Bag
  • Tiki Torch
  • Venom Stinger
  • Ocean Eye
  • Heart Pieces
  • Mana Berry Bush
  • Ancient Artefact
  • Moon Shard
  • Sun Fragment
  • Slime Egg
  • Purple Slime Extract
  • King's Gem
  • Magic Shield
  • Training Codes
  • Void Ticket

These items can either be found scattered across the world, as rewards for levelling up and finding new areas, or are available to purchase in the game's shop. It's no easy feat to gather them all and get your classes to the top tiers, but it's a challenge any completionist will want to take on.

Critical Legends Unobtainable Classes Tier List

Completionists, beware: some Critical Legends classes are not included in our tier list. This is because they're no longer in the rotation, so new players are totally unable to unlock them. These unobtainable Critical Legends classes are as follows:

Tier Class name
SNortherner King, Candy Cane Katana, Winterfall Solar Eclipse Greatsword
AGleaming Candy Corn Greatsword, Sugar Rush Luna, Gingerbread Mage
BJack O'Lantern, Water Katana, Beta Blade
CPumpkin, Candy Corn Sword, Beta Sword

Critical Legends Spell Book Update

A recent update to Critical Legends introduced a whole new range of classes to unlock: the magic-based Spell Book path. The four tiers, in ascending order, are as follows:

  • Spell Book
  • Powerful Spell Book
  • Fire and Ice
  • Book of Wish

The magic staff, part of the Spell Book class, does burn damage to opponents, making this path a sensible one for close- and medium-range encounters. To kickstart it, all you'll need to do is find the Statue of the Spell Book within the Critical Legends map. From there, you can start progressing on the newest class in the game!

And that's it for our Critical Legends tier list. It's a highly competitive game, and by following along with the character rankings here, you'll start the best chance of winning your matches.