Roblox Best Music Bots - New Bots to Use

Image of a boombox on the Roblox platform.

Image of a boombox on the Roblox platform.

Changes to the Roblox rules are constant and not always clear, and recent changes to music means you may need to find the best Roblox music bots. This tool used by developers to create background audio in games, though popular music bots have recently been taken down. As such, some games are without their classic soundtracks, and devs may need new music bots to remedy that.

This Roblox guide will run through the best music bots to use in your game, as well as explaining exactly what they are, and how they work. We'll also dig a little deeper around the content behind this recent surge in music bots going down, as Roblox Corporation seems to have shifted in recent weeks.

Once you're all caught up, it's time to head into some Roblox games and have fun. To help, we've got Pet Simulator X codes and Arsenal codes, for freebies in two of the platform's biggest games. That's on top of a look at the current state of Adopt Me codes, because they're been a little confusing in recent months.

Image of the Chip Bot homepage.
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Roblox Best Music Bots

Hydra Bot

First up is one of the most notorious music bots in the community, Hydra Bot. It primarily works with Discord, allowing servers to create playlists pulled from YouTube, adjust volume, and put background audio on loops. It's therefore clear to see why that's useful to Roblox developers, letting them program royalty-free tracks to play in their game lobbies.

Hydra Bot seems to be the natural replacement after two popular bots, Groovy and Rhythm, were removed in early March 2022. It's got a clean UI and plenty of musical features, so it seems natural that it'll become popular for Roblox devs in the future.


Next is Octave, a music bot that doesn't only focus on tracks, but on sound effects and environmental noise too. Used by over 600,000 Discord servers, it's another very reliable bot that works similarly to Hydra Bot in its use of music databases.

Octave is slightly more geared towards Discord than Roblox, though it'll no doubt still work when used by developers. If you already use other bots to soundtrack your Roblox game, then Octave can be useful for all the sound effects that you may not already find in the Roblox development kit.

Chip Bot

Our final suggestion for replacement Roblox music bots is Chip Bot. While it also functions in the same way as previous bots mentioned in this guide, it promises 24/7 uptime so your Roblox games always have the pre-loaded sounds needed. With intuitive search features and a bunch of commands at your disposal, it's just as useful as the other bots.

Ultimately, the selection of Roblox music bots is rather subjective, based on the experience you may have with one, and more often than not which one you find first. However, if you're looking for a new one, the three mentioned above will more than fulfil your expectations.

What Are Roblox Music Bots?

Roblox music bots are programs used by developers to add tracks to their experiences. They often make use of online sources like YouTube and Soundcloud, pulling songs from their libraries to play in their games. Some bots also provide access to sound effects, which can complement the repertoire of sounds available in the proprietary Roblox dev process.

Most Roblox music bots are linked up using Discord, as the platform to act as an intermediary when linking to their Roblox experiences. That's why so many of the aforementioned bots reference Discord on their websites. They're a staple of the Roblox development process though, hence why the recent closure of several music bots has hit the platform hard.

Have Roblox Music Bots Recently Changed?

Yes, Roblox music bots are back at the forefront of the community due to recent changes from the powers that be. Last week, Roblox Corporation introduced new changes to how music and audio are used on the platform, leading to the biggest music bots going down. It was a pretty unpopular decision, with both developers and fans expressing their disappointment at so many audio files suddenly disappearing.

Not only did Roblox's stock temporarily dip, but some gamers actually started calling for refunds. Some Roblox games use music bots in their game passes, to let owners play their own music while experiencing the game. When those bots went down, these game passes became redundant, hence why there was so much displeasure. However, it now seems that resolution is in sight given the range of alternatives out there, which is definitely good news.

That's it for our guide to the best Roblox music bots! Now the situation seems to be fixed, you can redeem some Slayers Unleashed codes and Anime Clicker codes for extra Roblox freebies. We've also got a list of funny Roblox games if you're looking for a block-based laugh.

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