Anime Power Simulator codes (April 2023) - Free Yan and luck

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Roblox Anime Power Simulator cover art
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March 29, 2023: We've updated our list of new Anime Power Simulator codes.

Launching to tonnes of players, if you're looking to catch up, here are the latest Anime Power Simulator codes. The Roblox platform can be pretty complicated with all the new games and modes out there. Luckily, codes are a really good tool to give you a little boost when you need it.


As well as going over all the codes we find, this piece will go over how to redeem these codes, when we can expect more to arrive and what you do in Anime Power Simulator.

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New Anime Power Simulator codes (March 2023)

  • Ratel Game (NEW)
  • 5kLikes - yen boost
  • 2.5kLikes - luck boost
  • REWORK! - exp boost
  • 250kVISITS! - yan boosts
  • 1kLIKES! - luck boosts
  • RELEASE! - 250 yan

Expired codes:


How to use Anime Power Simulator codes

If you're looking to redeem your Roblox Anime Power Simulator codes, you first have to make a Roblox account and boot up the game. You can do both via this link.


From in the game, you should spot a cog icon on the screen, traditionally used to denote a settings menu. Instead of sending you into the settings, it will instead open up the codes box.

Copy and paste any of the codes from above to get yourself some nice goodies. Don't type them in manually, as this may lead to mistakes. If any of the active codes don't work, wait and we'll give them another check. We make sure to include new codes as they pop up. We'll update you here if anything changes!

When do new Anime Power Simulator codes come in?

Generally speaking, new Roblox codes tend to arrive in order to celebrate events around the world or personal milestones for the game. The developers have already revealed that a new code will come out when the game gets up to 5,000 likes. It seems likely that they will continue to do this for future milestones.

As well as this, we are expecting new codes to celebrate Valentine's Day, Easter, and events of that nature.

What is Anime Power Simulator?

Anime Power Simulator is all about making armies with the rarest anime units you can find, adventuring into new areas, and climbing the leaderboards. You want to grow your Yan and EXP in order to make your armies as good as they can possibly be.


The codes are used to give a small bonus to new and returning players. They should give you a boost as you learn or relearn the game, letting you build up your army faster. If you have just started, they are a great way of learning how all the game's mechanics work.

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